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How To Manage Passwords In The Better Way ?

How To Manage Passwords In The Better Way ?

How To Manage Passwords In The Better Way ?

When it comes to managing passwords of all the subscribed accounts,it’s a pain for the majority of us.As the Internet developed rapidly,we need to use the Internet to do business,make friends,do online shopping,play games,read electronic books,etc.All of these need account numbers and login passwords.


It’s very often that we forget our passwords,and it’s inconvenient for us to continue on what we were doing.We usually have to click on the “Forgotten password”button to reset our passwords.Although it’s a bit annoying ,it is still useful for protecting our passwords.

Before we talk about how to manage passwords in the better way,let’s talk about the opposite,the bad way of managing passwords.

1.Come up with passwords that are less than eight characters in length. On top of that, many people do not use capital letters,or special characters to improve their passwords.

2.Share passwords between people or systems.

3.Write your password on paper or store them in an unsecured memo on your mobile.

4.Using the same password on different websites, you can expose all of your accounts in one second.

Weak passwords can be cracked easily,it’s like to leave your front door open. Hackers can install scanning software to run endless variations of words and possibilities to crack the password like”I love u1314”.

How to manage passwords in the better way?

Here are some tips for you:

1.Your password shouldn’t be a name or word in any language in the dictionary.


2.Your password should not include any section of your name, address or birthday.

3.You can keep a hint of your password but don’t include any related personal information. 

4.Use a different password for every account or website.


Apart from these ways,the best way is to use a password manager for your accounts.


It allows you to store multiple passwords in encrypted vault so you don’t have to memorize them. You can access all your passwords using one strong master password. A password manager should be able to work across multiple platforms such as your Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.The best password managers give you an option to sync or keep passwords local only.


How to manage passwords safely?Password manager is your best option,don’t hesitate and download it !


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