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Web Based Password Manager For Outlook Emails

Web Based Password Manager For Outlook Emails

Web Based Password Manager For Outlook Emails

Password reset can be a troublesome issue in any industry. Many users are now doing much of their work in office or places they happen to have network access. Therefore, localization of password reset functionality is not always the most worthwhile solution. Users are increasingly seeking web based password manager solutions to reduce the weight of forgotten passwords. In addition, their need to remember multiple passwords for various accounts is increasing too. But if the password of Outlook files lost, all the information would not be seen.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used e-mail websites and received love from the public. It is popularly used to send and receive e-mails between companies or within a company. In addition, it can also manage calendar, task, contact and note. However, the frustration is real, and web based password manager solutions are rapidly becoming both a necessity and an expectation throughout almost any industry. At this time, what you need is Outlook Password Genius. After a few clicks, Outlook pst file password will be found out. It is easy and fast, but efficient result.

Guide: Recover Outlook Password Step by Step

Step 1: Preparation.

Click the following button to download the free trial one and install it on your computer to try it out.

Note: Free trial one only recovers Word password containing less than 3 or 3 characters.

Step 2: Import encrypted Microsoft Outlook file.

Click Open button to open Microsoft Outlook file(*.pst) that you want to recover password. Then it will be in the Encrypted File box.


Step 3: Choose one from "Type of attack". And make some settings for every attack type you choose.

Tips: Brute-force/Mask/Dictionary Password Recovery Attack Settings

Next we will take Dictionary Attack as example.

Dictionary Attack. Recover lost Office password by trying the password combinations in the built-in dictionary. You also can download another dictionary from Internet or self-create one. This method may be the fastest way if your password is a keyword.

Set parameters for Dictionary Path: the following path is default, or you can download one from Internet or create one by yourself. Created dictionary consists of passwords that you think them possible.



Now, the Dictionary attack has been set out. Other three password attack types used for password recovery can be set similarly, detailed introduce can be seen at the following links.

•Recover Word Password - Brute-force Attack

•Recover Excel Password - Brute-force with Mask Attack

•Recover PowerPoint Password - Smart Attack

Step 4: Click "Start" button to recover outlook password.

After you click Start button, the password recovery program would begin to work until the following window pops up. That means password has been recovered successfully. You can "copy" the password or "open" Outlook file with it.


Is it easy? Try it yourself!


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