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Why We Should Use A Website Based Password Protection Software ?

Why We Should Use A Website Based Password Protection Software ?

Why We Should Use A Website Based Password Protection Software ?

The National Security Agency of USA spent millions to build a magical machine break down every password in the world in order to foil the conspiracy of a terrorist group by decrypting its password. This is a fancied plot of a famous mystery novel called Digital Castle written by Dan Brown. With the development of today’s information technology, it’s still a faraway dream to build such an invincible machine. However, it is a real problem in our daily life on how we can protect our private information in the cyber world. For more than twenty years, most people would love to believe that they’ve already get ahold of the secret of password protection like that in the Digital Castle and live without worry but the fact slaps heavily on their face!

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More complexity means more security?

If you have such doubt, we will be very sorry to tell you that the answer is negative. People always think if the password is complicated enough, it will be impossible to cracked by any means. Here’s the truth. On one hand, you just increase the difficulty to remember the password for yourself. On the other hand, you actually hardly promote the safety level of the password because hackers often do the cracking by software that offers several Rx instead of just guessing manually! Just like XKCD once said, after twenty years of effort, we successfully step into this trap that we create password hard for human memory but simple for computer hacking!

The even bigger risk – passkey!

In real life, we would use only one key to open one particular door, which means each door owns a corresponding key. None of us hope we can use just one key to open the door of your house, car and company etc for the reason that once this passkey is lost, there will be endless troubles and even tremendous financial loss. This principle can also be applied to cyber world. Nowadays, many of us would have dozens of different accounts that require a password. For that, will you choose to use the same password for different accounts or various passwords for each account? If you are the former, we all should know the risk without saying; if you are the latter, you would increase the work to correctly remember the password for each account inevitably. 

However, most of the people realize the risk of using the same password for different accounts now and choose to avoid it. For example, they would select a master key and add other characters accordingly like facebook123456 for Facebook account or twitter123456 for Twitter account. We would say the general planing of setting up a password like this is right. The problem is a majority of us would choose a rather predictable master key! And once this pattern is made, the consequences will also be unbearable.

How to win the game with hackers?

In order to avoid the traps we just mentioned above, we may get down to creating a long and complicated password. However, the process will be painful and we may still can’t remember it correctly. Exuse me, who has never been in the position of forgetting a password? And to prevent that, we would choose some private but memorable information for passwords like our name, birthday and phone number. And we just hand over our password to hackers on a silver plate by doing that!

For managing our password safely and conveniently we should try a password manager that could protect personal passwords in many layers of strong algorithms. All we have to remember is just a master password.

For recovering a lost password, we should seek help from a reliable password recovery software like the software. It could recover different documents for different situations; it can process with top speed due to strong technical support; it also provide user super comfortable and customizable experience.


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