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Are Software Like Password Managers Safe ?

Are Software Like Password Managers Safe ?

Are Software Like Password Managers Safe ?

When you text your friends through iMessage on an iPhone, Apple company could actually realize whom you are talking to though it doesn’t have access to your text content. Do you have any idea on this shocking fact?! 

According to a report published by The Intercept recently, although Apple’s communication softwares have adopted the end to end encryption to guarantee the pravicy of the text content, in fact Apple company can get access to your recent contacts and keep record. Under a mandatory order of the courtroom, this kind of private information can be provided as evidence to law-enforcement agencies. According to the details of the report, the information recorded includes the people you’ve been contacting recently and the IP address at the moment(some may reveal the real time position). And if you observe carefully the messages you just sent right away, you will discover that the SMS bubbles get different according to different contacts. This is because iMessage will identify the contact you made to see if he/she is iMessage user. If positive, the bubble will be blue. Otherwise, it will be green and Apple will according send the message due to the service provided by different operators. This process will leave digital trace behind at the Apple’s server along with the time, date and IP address of the message.

The Intercept has found a document that was provided to the eletronic monitoring team of law enforcement in Florida, which can prove the fact that iMessage has been cooperating with the police under request and providing private information of its users. For respondance, the representative of Apple has confirmed the authenticity of this document and added, ‘We will provide some known information to the police for legal service when subpenaed or requested. Due to the end to end encryption of iMessage, we can’t offer relavant content but just the server log data.’

In December last year, Apple company had confronted the FBI for a long time because they refused to provide the decryption method of a key evidence of shooting murderer – an iPhone! Before long, Apple company has made an announcement that guarantee the safety of their users’ private information including the content and location in iMessage and Facetime. Although the content will not be revealed, this file still ring the alarm bell for us all that there will be so many possible ways to obtain your privacy! For example, the location of the phone, content of texts and phonecalls will all be clear enough for the operators!

So back to the topic, is it safe now to still use softwares like password managers and crackers for security when we are under countless threats to our privacy? Our answer is YES only when you choose a professional and trustworthy software just like the software. The software here is a professional, powerful and reliable password cracker that provide wide compatibility, high speed and user friendly experience. And by fully taking advantage of such softwares, you can actually avoid a lot of troubles and save a great deal of time!


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