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5 Ways to Password Protect Your Excel 2010

5 Ways to Password Protect Your Excel 2010

5 Ways to Password Protect Your Excel 2010

As a part of Office, excel 2010 has the special features and plays an important role in users daily working life. With Excel 2010, users can make the accounts analysis much clearer and easier to understand. From the point of security, Excel supports users to set password to protect the files. In this article we are going to talk about how to set password to protect excel 2010, you will get 5 free ways to do it. Please keep reading.  

How to set password to protect Excel 2010 from Workbook level?

1) Go to the Review tab and then click on Protect Sheet or Protect Workbook.


2) When a pop-up window appears, select your options and type in the desired password.Workbook protection level ensures that users can only lock-down the structure and worksheet window, which also enables them to encrypt Excel 2010 files from any structural change or from any change in size.


How to set Password for Excel 2010 from Worksheet Level?

1) Click the File menu –> Save As option –> click the tools 


2) Select General Options form the menu list.


3) Using the Password to open and Password to modify text fields you can specify the password required for opening or modifying an excel workbook.


How to Protect All Excel Sheets once with VBA

Similar to the Excel 2010 Worksheet level protection, VBA is another option that can protect all the Excel 2010 worksheets. 

1. Press ALT + F11 to load Visual Basic for Applications window.

2. Click Insert > Module in menu to write following VBA code for protecting workbook.


3. Press F5 to run the VBA code. And type a password for all the sheets in pop-up dialog.


4. Click OK and type the same password again to confirm.


5. Click OK and then all the worksheets on this workbook are protected with same password.

How to set password with Excel 2010 Permissions?

1. Click File – Info on workbook.

2. There is one option Protect Workbook Click it and select Encrypt with Password.


3. Type password in pop-up window and click OK.


How to set password to protect part of worksheets with Kutools?

Sometimes users need to encrypt all the Excel 2010 worksheets cause the files are top secret and very important. But sometimes they don`t need to protect the whole Excel 2010 files. For convenience, they just need to encrypt the important part of worksheets. With Kutools users can set password to protect part of worksheets.

1. Download Kutools for Excel and install it on your computer. 


2. Click Enterprise > Protect Worksheet and a new dialog pops up. Select sheets you want to protect and click OK.

3. Type password twice for these sheets we select just now. And then click OK.


You can use the methods introduced above to see if multiple sheets on Excel workbook have been protected with password.      


I guess you have already know how to set password to protect you Excel 2010 with this 5 easy ways. When you need to set password, it means the Excel files are important, so it is necessary for you to remember the password. If you forget the password, you may need some tools to recover your Excel 2010 password. For more tips about office files protection, you can see Password Manager For Offices. Like the Excel 2010 password, we also have tips for PDF files protection, see Best Free Password Manager For Pdf Files for more. 

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