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Best 2 Free ways to reset Microsoft account password

Best 2 Free ways to reset Microsoft account password

Best 2 Free ways to reset Microsoft account password

When you get a new Microsoft account, you can use this account to log in the partner websites and numbers of different services of Microsoft. If you change your Microsoft password, the list of accounts that are related to all of these sites will be changed together, for example Windows 8 and Windows 10. Using Microsoft account to connect to different accounts will make sure of your emails` security in some way. You can also protect your Outlook data file with a password. If you have troubles in recovering outlook password, Email Password Reset Outlook or using a Windows password genius will help.

In this article, you will get the best 2 ways to reset Microsoft account password inculing your outlook password recovery.

Changing Microsoft account password via Outlook.com

1. Open the Microsoft Account page and visit the password reset page. Select ”I forget my password”.



2. Click ”Next, enter your Microsoft Account and complete the verification picture.

3. Choose the way you want to receive the reset code. It depends on what you connected with. The reset code will be sent by a SMS, an email or generated with the App . Choose “I don`t have any of these” if you can`t access to any of these things and answer to several questions to verify your ID.



4. Input the reset code, then make a new one. You should pay attention to the new password you set because this new one is related to lots of Microsoft accounts and it can even can be your Windows admin password. If you want a strong password for your Microsoft email, Password Manager For Outlook Emails will tell you what to do, besides outlook password recovery.



Changing Microsoft Windows 8 account password with Windows Password Reset Software

This is the best free way to reset Microsoft Windows password. It is easy for Windows users to do if they follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download the Windows Password Reset Software and install and launch it on an accessible computer.


Step 2: Create a Windows 8 password reset disk. Take iSunshare Windows Password Genius as an example.

Insert writable USB or CD/DVD into accessible computer and select correct media type(USB device or CD/DVD), then click Begin burning to burn reset disk into the removable device. 

Until the message "Successfully burning" pops up, windows 8 password reset disk has been created completely.


Step 3: Boot locked Win 8 computer from USB or CD/DVD recovery disk.

After exiting password reset disk from available computer and plug it into locked Windows 8 computer, start locked computer and set computer boot from USB drive or CD/DVD ROM.

If you create password reset disk with USB, set computer boot from USB drive.

• Set computer boot from USB device by Boot Option Menu.

• Set USB drive as first Boot device Priority in BIOS.

If password reset disk is burned with CD/DVD ROM, set computer boot from CD ROM.

• Set computer boot from CD/DVD on Phoenix Award BIOS

• Set computer boot from CD/DVD on AMI BIOS

Step 4: Reset Windows 8 forgotten password.

When computer boots from reset disk successfully and Windows Password Genius Advanced runs, do these.

• Select the Windows system type and user account you want to reset password, and click Reset Password. Or you can click "Add User" to create a new admin account for Windows 8.

• Click Reboot button to restart locked computer, but please remember to eject the removal device before you see the computer logo. Then you can login Windows 8 without password after successfully win 8 password reset.


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