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Crack Windows 7 password with ease

Crack Windows 7 password with ease

Crack Windows 7 password with ease

Sometimes, when you forgot Windows 7 administrator or user password, there will be lots of troubles for you. Using others Windows 7 account or create a reset disk to reset your Windows 7 password to another new one, maybe there is no other Windows-provided way for you to crack or reset your forgotten Windows 7 login password. However, with the Best Password Manager App for Windows 7, you can achieve Windows 7 crack in an easy way.


Method1. Achieve Windows 7 password crack with 2 normal ways

1. Created Windows 7 Password Cracker Disk

You need to be sure about that you have created a Windows password reset disk before forgetting your Windows 7 password, you can use it to reset Windows 7 password. Follow the instruction as below:

Step 1. Insert Windows 7 password cracker disk into your locked PC.

Step 2. Enter the incorrect password in Windows 7, the "Reset Password" option will show up, click it.

Step 3. Follow the instruction in "Password Reset Wizard" to crack the forgotten password.


2. Crack Windows 7 Password with CMD

Sign into your Windows 7 using another admin account, you can also reset password to login Windows 7 free from the command prompt.

Step 1: Logon Windows 7 as administrator.

Step 2: Tap on Start, type cmd in the Run box or Search box and press Enter.

Step 3: Type net user, all user accounts of your computer will be listed.

Step 4: Type net user "UserName" "NewPassword"(replace UserName and NewPassword with yours), press Enter, then the password will be reset as new one.

Method2. Windows 7 password cracking with the smart key

Step 1: Download and install Windows 7 password smartkey learn tool on an available computer.


Step 2: Create Windows 7 password recovery disk. Now take the example of clicking USB device.



Step 3: Boot locked Win 7 computer from the USB device reset disk

After password reset disk is burning successfully, insert USB device (or CD/DVD) into locked win 7 computer. Then set boot device priority in BIOS or Boot Option menu to boot locked computer from USB or CD/DVD drive. What`s more, setting computer boot from USB device by Boot Option Menu is recommended.

Step 4: Start Windows 7 password recovery. 

Select the user (login or administrator) you want to recover password and click Reset Password button.


Step 5: Reboot windows 7 computer after password recovery.

Click Reboot button and eject password recovery disk to restart Windows 7 computer from hard drive. Then you can sign in Win 7 without password or with new administrator.


You can try these 3 free effective methods to archieve windows 7 password crack. The smart Windows Password Recovery Software is more recommended cause you won`t have so many limitations. In addition, Considering the powerful advantages and convenience of smartkey learn tool, the third party Windows Password Recovery tool will be your best choice. 

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