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For Client Security We Have Password Manager Here

For Client Security We Have Password Manager Here

For Client Security We Have Password Manager Here

According to a recent survey, about 1% of the password can be cracked within four-time guesses. How? Actually four most common-used passwords directly open that gate including password, 123456, 12345678 and qwerty! Fine, if you are those 99%, you should look out for the hacker software. For example, John the Ripper, a freeware for hacking, can test millions of passwords per second. What do you think will happen when your password is being cracked by such software? Will it still stand uncracked? You should not be so certain! At the start, the password cracking would first try to brute-force attack your password by running a regularly updated exhaust algorithm containing normal human names, nicknames, pet names and then some. Maybe some of us will take take the previous lesson and set up a rather complicated password like PaSsWoRd or p@ssword. That’s called mingling. In fact, mingling can’t solve your problem on password security thoroughly because minds think alike! What if others think of the same password like yours? The security sense mingling brings you could be false!

The reason why we have such insight on those most common-used passwords is based on the RockYou security breakdown event. RockYou is one of Facebook’s game publishers. In 2009, some hackers have revealed over thirty-two millions of account names and its corresponding passwords in plain text. After that, this major information accident has became a critical example ot analyze the structure of modern password – no matter for the good guys or bad guys. From this event, we’ve learned that ‘12345’ and ‘password’ are the most popular choices of personal password and huge differences exist in password selection when it comes to different age groups and genders. For example, for male who are under thirty years old, their favorite passwords consist of sex and dirty words like pussy, fuck, 696969, asshole etc. 

So what kind of password is the safest? Some experts might propose to use a long and complicated enough password to at least prevent dictionary attack, which could go beyond the level that people can actually remember. After that, just write it down on a note then put it to a secret place like your wallet. Will that solve your problem? Good luck to that! A long and complicated password always leads to forgiveness and writing it on the note could only make it more insecure because there is a high risk of losing that note! And some website would define some peculiar rules for users to set up a password, which will only deteriorate the situation. 

Well, if we can come back to the topic, here are a few tips on setting up a respectively safe password.

First of all, you should start to choose one particular master password, which you would only use when it comes to important accounts trustworthy websites. To constitute your master password, you can also customize it according to different accounts. For example, your master password is Vk54z6XG, then your password of Facebook account could be kVk54z6XG while that of your Twitter account is rVk54z6XG.

Then, we recommend you to choose a random master password on an app that could create random passwords for you.

Next, you can turn that random password into memorable phrases that could remind you of it easily. For example, if your master password is RPM8t4ka, you can get phrases like revolutions per minute, 8 track 4 Kathy. It does become easier to remember, doesn’t it? 

Last but not least, please remember to only use your master password for important accounts and trustworthy websites like when it concerns about money. 

Finally, here’s still a remedy when you do forget your password and that’s to recover it through the powerful software! It can offer wide compatibility for many types of documents, high speed in the recovering process and user friendly experience when you do try it!


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