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How do I change my wifi password Comcast

How do I change my wifi password Comcast

How do I change my wifi password Comcast

 Re-incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1969, the company was under the new name Comcast Corporation. Its name "Comcast" is a combination of the words "Communication" and "Broadcast". After initial public occurred on June 29 1972, Comcast's market capitalization was US $3,010,000. With a five-night free preview getting a 15% sign up rate, HBO was first launched on a Comcast system with 20,000 customers in western Pennsylvania in 1977. Comcast bought 26% of Group W Cable in 1986, doubling its number of subscribers to 1 million. Later Comcast got its well developed.

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In 1988, it was able to buy a 50% share of the company's assets in a joint deal with Tele-Communications Inc.. In 1988, Acquired American Cellular Network Corporation for $230 million, Comcast caught the best chance to become a mobile phone operator. Since then Comcast Cellular Communications division got started.

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However, Comcast is not perfect indeed. On the contrary, it has been criticized for multiple reasons and its customer satisfaction usually ranks among the lowest in the cable industry. In addition, Comcast has disobey net neutrality practices in the past. Let alone Comcast's commitment to a narrow definition of net neutrality, critics advocate a definition to rule out any distinction between Comcast's private network services and the rest of the Internet. Critics also point out that there is limited competition among cable providers because the vast majority of Comcast's service area lacks of competition.


Changing Comcast Wifi Password:


Comcast gives few modems to its customers. So these directives may vary, but for most of the common cases, the steps to make the changes are given below.


1 First, go to your web browser and in the address panel, type http://10.0.01(assumed it is using the default address). You will be redirected to a page where it is displayed; user id is Admin and password is Password. You may even have a blank password.

2 Now on the left-hand side, in the menu section, go to Gateway, then Connection, then Wifi, and then click on the Edit button, which is next to the wireless network.

3 Now change the Network Password and also the Network Name (SSID) if you wish, to whatever you like and then don’t forget to press the Save Settings

4 One suggestion here, you should change the router password as well from the default one. First, go to Troubleshooting, then Change Password, there first input the Current Password, then the New Password, then again re-enter the similar New Password that you have typed, now press the Save

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