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How do you reset Skype password on Windows

How do you reset Skype password on Windows

How do you reset Skype password on Windows


Skype is a new type of social media, which allows us to communicate with our friends one to one or taking group video call in the same time. However, when you log in your Skype, a message will show up which is similar to:“Sorry, we didn't recognize your sign-in details. Please check your Skype Name and password, then try again" or you just yell out“I forgot my Skype password. And now I am locked out of my Skype account, can any help and how can Skype reset password?" Just calm down, maybe you are writing down a wrong Skype password without conscious of the upper and lower case letters. If you still can`t log in Skype after changing the letters, you may need to change or reset Skype password by following this article.

Method1.How do you reset Skype password if you Forgot Skype Password and Username

You may failure to log in Skype due to forget your Skype password and username. Follow the steps below to reset a new Skype password.

Step 1. Go to the sign in page ,click Forgotten your Skype Name.

Step 2. Enter the email address that you created for Skype account. Then click Submit.


Step 3. Check an email from Skype entitled Password token, with two links in your email. Click on the first link – temporary code.


Step 4. A page appears with two fields. Enter the new password twice and click Change password and sign me in.


Step 5. Then a message will show up: You password has been changed. You can sign in to Skype with your new password.

Method2.How do you reset Skype password if you Forgot Skype Password and Email

If you forgot Skype Password and Email, you first let the Skepy service verify your identity by simply contacting its customer service and explain your problem. Then you can register a new email address under the help of Skype online service. Then Skype Support will tell you abou your primary email address, or changing it to another one, Then you can reset your forgotten Skype password or username with method 1. Connect to the service, you can go to: http://www.skype.com/go/help.support.request.

Method3.How do you reset Skype password without Email or Name Got Back

If you signed in to Skype with your Microsoft account but you forgot your password, follow to outlook password recovery to recover the forgotten Outlook password with the best 2 ways. You can also visit the Microsoft account page to recover the password, then log in Microsoft account to reset Skype password

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