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How Is Password Management On An Open Source System ?

How Is Password Management On An Open Source System ?

How Is Password Management On An Open Source System ?

It may be easy to remember and manage only one password, but what about a dozens and even hundreds of password to different online service? Now with the prosperity of network, we may have to or just want to do all chores online like shopping, reading and entertaining. For those activity, we might just need separate accounts for manage our own profile. The basic structure of an account through authentication by account number and password. As we have dozens of accounts, then we would have dozens of passwords accordingly. And for convenience, most people would just use the same password for different accounts, which could be super risky because cracking one password can access all your accounts! In the following, there are a few general tips for the public.

Classify the websites you use frequently

Different people have different habits in browsing the internet. Therefore, it’s necessary to chiefly classify the webistes into four types – major, minor, important and ordinary websites. The major websites mostly include several portal sites that possesses respectively large popularity. And the rest will be the minor ones. Normally, important websites consist of sites concerning massive privacy and money like your email and cyber bank. And the opposite is the ordinary.

Classify your common-used passwords

You can also classify your passwords into three types for more convenient management. The weak passwords should always be disposable like the ones for minor and ordinary websites. The medium level passwords should at least be eight letters and can stand brute-force attack. You can apply them to the portal sites. The the strong passwords shouldn’t contain username, full name and even complete word and should include letters, numbers and special characters at an eight-character basis.

For email account security, you should…

In fact, no matter how many emails you have to deal with, you just need two personal email accounts(in addition to those for work). Now you should clear those redundant email accounts for your own sake. The left two should be one major and one minor. The important stuff should be handled by the major one and the trivial stuff by the minor one. For choices, we would recommend Gmail and Outlook. And remember to bind them to your personal phone.

If you want be more secure, you should activate the Dynamic Password of the Gmail that could provide real-time password for user to guarantee independence. Last but not least, always prepare your password recovery questions, which could be in great help when password is lost!

For digital bank security, you should…

If we may say, we definitely don’t recommend you apply for numerous digital bank accounts! And the least you apply for, the more secure your money is! If it is really necessary, you should choose those digital banks that enjoys a sterling reputation. And you should always apply for USB Key that could double encrypt your password!

For accidental situation, you should…

If you accidentally forget your password, please don’t worry. You can use softwares like the software to recover your password safely. The software is designed to be a powerful and professional password crackers for a wide compatibility, high speed and absolute security.


Passwords is your key to online information security. In a world full of hacking threats, we sure do pay more attention to your password security! For referrence, we sincerely hope we can help you by the explaination above.


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