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Do you know how to change WiFi network password

Do you know how to change WiFi network password

Do you know how to change WiFi network password

You may be very confused about why your WiFi password can be hacked by your neighbor so easily. Maybe you have found that the increased activity on your Wi-Fi router like password, or the lights shining even when nobody is using a computer or smart phone in your house. It is the result of that your wireless network lacks a secure password, anyone in range of your router can access your network. What`s worse, your bandwidth, and possibly access files on your computers might be stolen by the one who uses the WiFi network password with you at the same time through hacking your WiFi password. It is necessary for you to change wireless network password by following this article.


The details of how to change wifi password Windows 8/Windows 7 are below, you just need to remember the basic steps are the same and differs from different devices such as Apple - and Windows ASUS - Follow the steps below to find out how to reset or change Wi-Fi password in Netgear/Linksys/Dlink/TP-Link.

Step 1. Find out what the admin interface your router is using and enter it in the browser. The Network & Sharing Center or Good Ol' Command Prompt are 2 options to discover the IP Address.  The list below I list contains default router IP addresses are based on the Internet and may not suitable for every specific make or model:

Linksys - or

DLink - or

Apple -


Buffalo -

Netgear - or

Step 2. Enter the user name and password to login administrative console. You can locate the default admin name and password through checking the manufacturer's website or by Googling "Default Admin Password" which is followed by your router's brand name and model.

Step 3. Take Netgear for example, go to "settings" "wireless setup" or "preferences". Click “ADVANCED” tab>select Setup > Wireless Setup.


Step 4. You need to ensure that you are using the latest encryption WPA2 encryption.


Step 5. Locate the password setting that may be named as “password" "wireless security” Then you can  simply type a new password in the Passphrasefield and click the Apply button.


Now you may much clearer about how to change the wireless network password. Actually, the steps above are also suitable for changing Mac WiFi password and Comcast WiFi password.  

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