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How to change ichat password on your Mac

How to change ichat password on your Mac

How to change ichat password on your Mac

What is ichat? ichat is an app that built into Apple's OS X operating system (such as Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 and lower). It is similar to Skype that enables you to chat with friends online via text, voice, or video. iChat is associated with other social account such as AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), MobileMe, Google Talk, iCloud, or even Gmail instead of using its own username/password. If you want to change your iChat password, you need to refer to what account is used to logon to iChat. Here we will talk the free way for Mac users to change ichat password free.


Before that, you need to log on your Mac computer first. If you forget your Mac log in password, you can try recover mode to recover the forgotten Mac password. If you have other questions that are related to iPhone or iTunes password recovery, Best Password Manager For Iphone may give you some useful tips. 

When you log in your Mac computer, follow these several easy steps to change your ichat password on Mac or Mac air.

Step1. You need to find out which provider's website that can be used to log in you ichat for your MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, etc. Here are several main provider`s websites and you can choose the suitable one to go.

AOL Instant Messenger: http://account.login.aol.com/opr/_cqr/opr/opr.psp?lang+en&locale=us

MobileMe: http://www.me.com/account

Gmail: http://www.gmail.com

Step2. After changing the password for the account used to logon to iChat, open iChat.


Step3. Click on the "iChat" menu and click on "Preferences…" Alternatively, click "command" + ",".

Step4. Click on "Accounts", then select the appropriate screenname/username used to logon to iChat, then click on the "Account Information" tab.


Step5. Enter the changed/reset password, then close preferences box. The username with the new password should now be working.

If you ask me "Hi there! My friend needs to change her password on iChat because someone else has it and pretends to be her. We really need to know how, thank you so much." Or "How do I change a password in iChat? I can't open iChat on my MacBook." This article will be helpful. 

There are something special else and most usual questions about ichat I need to tell you.

Q 1. Can I iChat between a Mac and a PC?

A 1. Although iChat is not available on PCs, if your provider is AIM, you can talk with your friends whosevichat provider is AIM too through PC. Becuase both AIM and iChat provide support for instant messenging between different programs.

Q 2. Can I delete my iChat on MacBook Pro?

A 2. Yes. The route is: Open iChat and click "Preferences" > Click the "Accounts" icon > select the iChat account name that you want to delete by clicking on its name > Press the "Minus" button and remove the selected account name from iChat.

Now you might have a deeper knowledge of iChat, hope you can enjoy Mac OS X better. 

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