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How to change my Comcast wifi password

How to change my Comcast wifi password

How to change my Comcast wifi password

As all people know, Xfinity provides the fastest connection to the internet. As a network of hotspots and boosts up Wifi, the speed of Comcast Xfinity depends on its maximum around the settlement. To provide better user experience, it also helps in conserving the usage of your cellular data plan. With Xfinity Wifi app, you can have the fastest hotspots to stay connected whenever you wish at your favorite places.

However, little does people know that Comcast is a service that turns out your domestic router into a public Wifi hotspot. If you are a bearer of Comcast cable connection, then it will turn your personal wifi router connection into a public hotspot, and this sounds annoying. It’s been a year since Comcast started its project to cover up all commercial and residential areas with continuous Wifi service.


Therefore, recently more and more people find that their wifi speed has been slow down. Usually these people suspect that people around them has hacked the Wi-Fi password because they noticed facts like: increased activity on Wi-Fi router and the lights flicker even when nobody in the house is using a computer or smartphone. It’s easy for anyone in range of your house can access your network If your wireless network secure by an easy password. Neighbors can steal bandwidth, and possibly access files on your computers. So, if you haven't changed you wireless network's password since you setup many years ago, it's time to change Wi-Fi password now.


Below is a detailed guide on how to change Wi-Fi password Windows 8/Windows 7. The basic steps are easy although the detailed steps vary from one router to another. Now, let's work through how to reset/ change Wi-Fi password password Netgear/Linksys/Dlink/TP-Link.

Changing Comcast Wifi Password:

Comcast gives few modems to its customers. So these directives may vary, but for most of the common cases, the steps to make the changes are given below.

1. First, go to your web browser and in the address panel, type http://10.0.01(assumed it is using the default address). You will be redirected to a page where it is displayed; user id is Admin and password is Password. You may even have a blank password.

2.  Now on the left-hand side, in the menu section, go to Gateway, then Connection, then Wifi, and then click on the Edit button, which is next to the wireless network.

3.  Now change the Network Password and also the Network Name (SSID) if you wish, to whatever you like and then don’t forget to press the Save Settings

4.  One suggestion here, you should change the router password as well from the default one. First, go to Troubleshooting, then Change Password, there first input the Current Password, then the New Password, then again re-enter the similar New Password that you have typed, now press the Save

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