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How to get into locked wifi without a password

How to get into locked wifi without a password

How to get into locked wifi without a password

In places like shopping malls, starbucks and restaurants, customers are provided free Wi-Fi access and some depressed with no access to public Wi-Fi at times. General speaking, especially with in incompetent cable your laptop will never be powerful unless it connects wireless internet. Unluckily, if you forgot or don't know the Wi-Fi password, you need to think about how to connect to Wi-Fi without password on laptop. Maybe you are the one who want to use neighboring Wi-Fi connection without knowing its password, but you have no idea. Now keep on reading and find out the best solution for you to regain access to Wi-Fi.

Solution1: Reset Router to Get Your Loptop to Connect to Wi-Fi without Password

Usually, for most people, the first method comes to their mind is to perform factory resetting for route when Wi-Fi password is forgotten and had no idea to connect their electric devices to Wi-Fi. However, it requires the router can be easy to change. After that, mentioned elements like network settings, users name and password will be changed/removed away completely. Almost every router in existence has a recessed reset button so far. Steps to perform router factory resetting slightly varies from different routers but you'd better consult your router's manual for any model-specific instructions. In fact, the process is quite similar on most routers.

First, you will see a special button labeled Reset when you turn back your router. Push it with a pen or unfolded paperclip and hold it for about 10 seconds. After your release, the router will reboot itself, which means the success on factory resetting. Once you've done perform resetting, you can get laptop connected wireless internet with router's default username and password.


Solution2: Free Wi-Fi Cracker to Access Wi-Fi without Password on Dell/HP/Sony/Toshiba

Normally, to connect Wi-Fi hotspot on your laptop and smartphone without right password is impossible, unless you have installed a professional Wi-Fi password cracker. Wi-Fi Password Recovery can help you easily reset and hack forgotten Wi-Fi password with 5 attack modes and fully supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7 laptop and desktop. For people who usually forget their stuff, necessary to install a software like this. It’s true that people can reset the factory setting and then set a new password but install a password can save lots of time indeed. Just need several clicks and a new password then everything is all right. It’s easy to find these software and all you need is search it on Google. You can get more information from other article in this website.

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