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With the rapid development of Internet technology, we enter an electronic information age. Sending emails, shopping online or having an internet banking account all require you to remember their usernames and passwords. It’s not a good idea to use the same usernames and passwords for all of them, while remembering dozens of them is also not easy either.


What would you do in this situation? Well, there are a number of apps known as password managers that can help you. They can store your registration-related information in a secure electronic way. When log in to a site, you can enter a single master password that admits retrieval of the specific password information for the site. The password manager can automatically log in by using the information next time.


It helps in assigning different passwords to individual sites, which means you have no need to remember all of your passwords. Therefore, it makes your Internet life more secure. Here is the best password manager Windows if you are looking for such a password manager software.


Getting started is free, fast, and just a few simple steps. 

1. Download

It's free and only takes a few minutes to install LastPass.


2. Create Account

Sign up with your email address and a strong master password.


3. Login & Save Sites

Sign in to the software, then start saving and autofilling passwords for every website.


The most secure password manager is always there, whenever you need, just have a try.


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