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Nowadays, we can actually find a great deal of resource to keep your passwords safe, free or charged. But when you are faced with so many different apps, can you luckily choose the best one for yourself? If not, here we will happily chiefly introduce you several password managers&crackers and sincerely hope this could serve for your reference. 

Generally speaking, its price could be respectively expensive. This tool could provide you a comfortable and customizable interface and the function of synchronization on different ends, which will also be charged. It would store everything in your personal account and allow you to use those data to complete the password list automatically. There are also other handy little functions like safe clipboard and create new password. In a word, this software sure does well on its job because it’s a very professional one that could offer more sophisticated functions than we need and confuses us. Therefore, if you are an ordinary user with normal needs, you can just get a simple tool to solve your problems. 

This is a source-opening password manager that can realize complete customization. Its major mission is to help you keep track of passwords for emails, FTP, websites and forums. Your passwords will be stored in a highly encrypted database which is free from hacking and leakage. 

This is a online intellectual password manager which requires no downloading for password management. You can keep information including password, private logs, alarm code, credit card details, PINs on it. Having gone through a creative renovation, now the new version of Clipperz can be run on IOS and Android system.

Encryptr is an open source freeware as well as an eletronic wallet. As a test program, it first can track the operations on mobile devices. Now, after several updates, it can support platforms like Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and IOS.

5.Password Safe
Password Safe is also an open source freeware online. It is mostly developed by the voluntary organization based on Twofish algorithm and thus contains different advanced encryption algorithms including PGP, AES, DES, IDEA and Yubikey.

6.The software
Generally speaking, the software is a password cracker in case you forget any passwords. It offers wide compatibility, high speed and user friendly experience. After you try it, I’m sure it will become your favorite tool. Most importantly, the software has a moderate price but possesses so many advantages, it is a very economic choice.

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