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With the information technology rapidly developing, it has become our collective conundrum that how we can keep personal as well as large dataset safe.

On October 10th, the online system of the largest bank in Russian, Sberbank had been intensely DDoS attacked for several hours though these attacks were finally intercepted and stopped successfully. And in the afternoon of November 8th, five major banks in Russia was also continually DDoS hacked for two days! A botnet consisting of 24 thousand computers from 30 countries all over the world conducted strong attacks targeting the banks in succession and every wave of attack is twice stronger than the last. Over half of the botnet locates in Israel, Taiwan, India and America. The intensity of the attack even reached 660 thousands requests per second and therefore some banks were attacked again and again.

In conclusion, it can be seen that Russia is facing huge challenge in data protection. In Russia, criminal case using a Trojan to attack personal bank account has risen 471% and that is 6 million dollars. Therefore, banks have to set a limit for transaction on mobile devices. Then hackers change their target to the financial system and the technology to hack become buyable. The best hackers is now fixing their eyes to the stock exchange.

Living in the same era that Internet rules, we sometimes may wonder what if we become the victim in a cyber crime. I’m telling you that you have every right to concern! Then what to do? Here, we will introduce a password manager software with many good reviews for you – the software! It’s a professional and powerful software that enables you to recover or remove any passwords of many documents. And wide compatibility allows it to work efficiently on any systems including Windows, Linux and so on. Due to its strong technical support and effective password attack methods, it can finish password recovery within the shortest time. Or you could manually accelerate the process by providing a faster CPU or multiprocessor. It offers two different versions for different requirements – the standard and professional. The former is the basic version and could satisfy the ordinary needs of most people. The latter is an upgrade version that should meet higher requirement of the professionals. The point is that you can choose according to your needs. In the end, I have to mention that it possesses user friendly interface and function like you will feel comfortable at the sight of it; there is automatic shutdown, save and resume function in case of any data losses; and it absolutely requires any computer techniques in using it!

And you just need four simple steps to use it.
1.After you download the software from our official website and properly install it on your device, you run it in the user friendly interface;

2.Click open the Browse button in order to search on your device for the target documents and select them;

3.Select a password attack method according the known status of the document password;

4.Press the Start button to begin the decryption and wait for the miracle!

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