Amazing For Songs From iPhone To Android Protecting By A Free Music Manager

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The most important things before you start is to back up all your files of the old device. Speaking of files lost and recovery, app file manager is a great choice for you.

Generally speaking, the music immigration from iOS to Android is not easy but possible with a bit tricky. After all files back up is done,you may go with the 2 ways patiently. In addition, either transfer by windows with USB or Google music manager as intermediately is the common way.

Transfer through windows-the easy one for music immigration

Treatment 1. Open and set your iTunes application on windows, choose the songs you want to transfer to Android. Right-click and select “Copy” and go to the desktop of your Windows or Mac.

Treatment 2. Establish a “New folder” by right clicking and selecting as a new temporary folder on your desktop,open the folder you created, then right-click and select “Paste.” The songs you copied from iTunes will now be displayed in the temporary music folder. Connect your Android to the computer using a USB cable.

Treatment 3. Recognized Android device by computer is what you need to do after connect Android device to windows, which will take few seconds. Click and open the Android folder when it displays, the folder labeled “Music” is where you need to go.

Treatment 4.Click and moveall music files from the temporary folder on the widows you created to the Android Music folder.

Treatment 5.Disconnect Android from the USB cable. The music immigration from iPhone to Android is done. 

Transfer by Google music manager -a popular choice

Syncing iPhone music with iTunes Music Library on desktop PC, Google Music accountuploaded by the music files are the main methodsmentioned in this choicecommonly.

Treatment 1.Install Google Music Manager software,iTunes software to PC and set Apple ID and Google account. 

Treatment 2.Run iTunes>login Apple account >Open the iTunes Music Library. Click on the Songs tab to ensure the music tracks you want to copy are stored on the PC. 

Treatment 3. To download the file to your PC, click on the iCloud logo beside the track title. If you need to recover your music Iphone Music Manager will help you a lot.

Treatment 4.Launch Google Music Manager and log-in your Google account. Finish the install instruction as the screen shows.

Treatment 5. Select upload songs to Google Play on the setup page. Select “iTunes” on the list. Choosing if add new songs to iTunes and automatically uploaded will happened almost at the same time in your Google Play Music account.

When you’ve finished all setup instructions, Google Music Manager will scan your iTunes Music Library and begin uploading your songs to Google. You can listen to music via this in any device or a support Web browser.

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