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Recently, online note app corporation Evernote has notified over 50 million users to reset their passwords because they found hackers had invaded the internal database stealing personal information. Some experts criticize compared with bcrypt, scrypt and PBKDF2 encryption, the MD5 encryption adopted by Evernote can be brute-forced even easier. 

Yahoo Voices

Back in July 2012, a hacker group called D33Ds Company attacked a subweb of Yahoo through SQL and stolen over 450 thousand pieces of unencrypted passwords. Afterwards, the hackers announced that they hoped this incident to be a warning instead of a threat.


In June 2012, LinkedIn had received terrible feedbacks from the security community because over 6.5 millions of private passwords had been stolen since the only protection of these passwords is encrypted hash without feed – big mistake!


Not long before the LinkedIn incident, the hackers also released over 1.5 millions of no case sensitive passwords online. Just like LinkedIn, they too use encrypted hash without feed for passwords and 80% of which were cracked within 72 hours according to the report.


January in 2012, online shoe retailer Zappos also send out 24 millions of password reset notification to their customers after they detected hacking in the database. Although Zappos were being vague about their security mechanism, they were still being appraised for quick reaction to emergency.


The Web hosting company DreamHost has suffered severe leakage incident before. The attackers invaded their database concerning FTP logins of all shared hosting accounts, which revealed its weakness.


Once, Twitter announced a password leakage concerning 250 thousand users and urged them to reset their passwords. And since then, Twitter has been working a double check on user’s identity with Google.

Booz Allen Hamilton

Hackers from AntiSec once attacked governmental military contractor Booz Allen Hamilton and exposed over 90 thousands of American military email addresses and passwords. And this incident has put some influence on national security to some extent.

Sony Pictures

For Sony, 2011 is not their best year. After a personal information leakage concerning over 77 millions of users on Sony Playstation, a million of user passwords have been successionally stolen by LulzSec .


RockYou company has also suffered leakage incident in 2009 – over 32 millions of passwords stolen in plain text. For this matter, RockYou had to pay a civil penalty of 250 thousand dollars to the FTC for negligence of privacy duty to their users.

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