How To Solve iPhone Battery Issue And Easily Browse iPhone Files?

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Although there are millions of advantages you can find out when using an iPhone, there are still some disadvantages. And the battery and file management problems could be the most annoying among all. In the following, we are going to talk about them again.

Previously, many users reported that their iPhone 6s would somehow unexpectedly shutdown. For the matter, Apple has released a free replacement for those batteries (only for some iPhone 6s models). Therefore, users of other models who also encounter this problem could be very clueless.

Jeff John Roberts, the editor of Fortune recalled one of his bad experience last week. When he was in a strange land at that time, he intended to use the iPhone's map service, but only found his battery dramatically drop from 50% down to 10% all of a sudden and then directly shut down. He said he can’t even text any of his friends for help! How awkward!

Jeff also indicated that this was not the first time he encountered such dilemma. His iPhone 6s accidentally shut down in an off-road race, which left him no pedometer app and music. All of that matters most, this unexpected shut down delayed a very important phone call for him.

So far, Apple hasn’t offered any clear solution for models other than iPhone 6s. "In addition to the iPhone 6s, there are a few other iPhone models that are experiencing unexpected shutdowns," an Apple spokesman said in a relevant e-mail.

It is worth mentioning that other media have reported a similar situation. "A lot of iPhone 6 users are complaining about their phone battery problems. Even if there is sufficient power, there will still be an unexpected shutdown. However, Apple hasn’t found out the actual reason." Business Insider once reported.

Jeff said when he went for after-sales service from Apple, the answer was surprisingly useless!. They said, ‘You can re-install the firmware in the iPhone, which can solve the battery problem. However, this move will also lead to the loss of some important data like personal texts.’

As for the file management on iPhone, there could be a respectively feasible way to do it conveniently with the help of this iPhone Manager!

The iPhone manager is a professional and powerful file manager for iPhone. It has wild compatibility because it can be fully compatible with iOS 9, iTunes 12 and Windows 10. What an excellent news! Here’s a few of its key features.

-Transfer music between two iOS devices, between iPhone/iPad/iPod and PC.

-Sync iPhone files to your Windows 10 computer & copy iPhone contents to iTunes.

-Import & export Video/Photo/Ringtone/eBook between PC and iPhone.

-One-Click to backup or recover iPhone Contacts, Notes, Bookmarks, Voice Memo, etc.

-Manage Apps , application documents between PC and iPhone;

-Create, delete and edit photo albums to your preference.

-Make iPhone ringtones freely.

-Add and edit playlist to manage and classify music and videos.

Now the iPhone manager offers both Pro and Free version for Windows 10 users to do data transfer, backup and restore. Now, you can download it on your Windows 10 PC to manager you iPhone, iPad or iPod easily and freely. 

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