Just Connect iPhone Or iPad As Car Stereo

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Via bluetooth is the easy way to connect iPhone or iPad as car stereo! Take TOYOTA NAVIGATION GPS SYSTEM as the example.

Several ways to connect iPhone with transportation via bluetooth.It will take few minutes or more to make it.

Tip 1. With your GPS system powered on, start your phone, go to Settings –> General –> Bluetooth.

Tip 2. On your GPS Navigational System tap on the button “INFO” below the screen. It will be shown as the picture below.

Tip 3. If you tap on “Telephone”, you`ll get an error as the following shows;It appears that your device isn`t paired up yet. That`s the next steps of what you need to try! While the error goes away,  the “Settings” button on the lower left should be noticed and you need to tap on it.

Tip 4. Click on “Bluetooth”on the screen to pair the iPhone with the Toyota nav system and click“Register” for adding a new phone.

Tip 5.The nav system will deliver a sync signal via bluetooth you need to turn back to iPhone, which should have had the “Handsfree”system suddenly as the show as following, it is a point for iPhone switching from the name of the class of device and “HANDS FREE” is the new name.

Tip 6.The last step to manage your iPhone music with car stereo is to tap on the “HANDS FREE”device on the iPhone and it`ll ask you to enter the sync security code to pair the devices ,“1111” is the secret code for recalling from the earlier system screen . Enter the code then tap “Done”.

iPhone 4 is also can be paired to your transportation as the steps above. What`s more, if you get a phone call while you`re in the car, just tapping on the correct button you need on the iPhone itself and the system will appears like the following.

The tips to connect iPad for managing music with car stereo via bluetooth are as followings.

Tip 1. Ensure your car stereo is compatible that that supports Bluetooth devices and audio and supporting A2DP Bluetooth profile is necessary,use a Bluetooth dongle which connects to the auxiliary jack if you need. Then open iPad settings.

Tip 2.Tap "Bluetooth", toggle Bluetooth slider on. Open the "Setup" menu on your car stereo. 

Tip 3. Select "Phone" option. if you are connecting your iPad, select the "Phone" option,then select "Pair". 

Tip 4. Select stereo or car from iPad's Bluetooth menu. And Enter the secret code shown in the stereo's displayusually as 0000.

Tip 5.Just need to wait for the connection to be made and start playing music.For more transfer details reffers to manage iphone music.

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