How an Online Zip Password Cracker Actually Works

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Thanks to compression, sending a number of files in one go is easy. If you need to send a batch of files, like pictures, documents or song files, to someone, you can kiss the tedious process of waiting goodbye. No more waiting for each item to finish attaching to your e-mail and hoping that each one of them can be successfully downloaded by your recipient. Simply compress your files into a WinZip or a WinRAR file and you’re good to go.
At the beginning, I would like to make it clear about one thing first. As we all know, there are two common types of compressed file archives. One is ZIP and another one is RAR. In fact, they are both from windows series and their previous names are WinZip and WinRAR. However, it doesn’t mean that we could use the same decompressing or decrypting software for them. Actually, they have a lot of differences. In a word, the ZIP file comes first and the RAR file second, which means that the former would have a respectively universal systematic environment and the latter would have more favorable technical advantages. That’s all you have to know about: they have these giant distinctions and use various software accordingly. And here, we are talking about the WinZip.
Now let’s come back to the topic: How an online zip password cracker actually works. Take this super satisfying zip password cracker called the software for example. The main method includes three ways. 
The first one is brute-force attack. A brute-force attack on password means the software systematically checks all possible passwords and passphrases with very fast speed until the correct one is found. The second one is mask attack. A mask attack on the password means to use some general rules to try a lot of combinations of specified characters, which means the software would specify a list of characters to try your password until it hits the correct one. As for the third one, it’s dictionary attack. A dictionary attack will basically use the most common-used password files like a dictionary that assembles millions of generic passwords, such as password, 12345, abcde or admin to decrypt the password. 

If the cracker is advanced enough like the software, it will also have a fourth way called smart attack. A smart attack is an advanced brute-force attack. This method assumes that the password being recovered or cracked consists of letters only and this combination of letters is meaningful. It is based on the statistical tables built by means of analyzing of a large amount of texts and it can greatly save your time because it doesn’t test meaningless combinations of letters.

Despite the complicated process, you might have an impression that the software should be hard to operate and slow to process. But it’s not! It has these simple three operating steps (launch, import and decrypt) that are super easy. As for the speed, you will be amazed at its million or even billion per second processing rate depending on your computer processor. Believe me, try it and you’ll be satisfied just like me!

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