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Before we emphasize how important the password manager is,let me ask you a question:

How many online accounts do you have on your iPhone?

If you work mostly online, you probably have over 100 (or 200 or more) accounts for all services you use.It gets more and more difficult to manage all of them and even more challenging to safeguard them. And the same goes for all your electronic devices.
Then we are going to ask: why strong passwords are crucial to us?Here is the reason:

On October 21st, 2016, a massive cyber attack was launched on a Domain Naming service called Dyn, Inc. This made many web service companies like Twitter and Netflix face a downtime.The Chinese electronics maker feels that the attack was a result of users using the weak and default passwords on its devices.

Many people still use weak passwords and default ones to secure their accounts on their iPhone.

Therefore ,password safety is no longer something dispensable . It’s essential not only to your own cyber security, but also to the whole Internet.

We strongly recommend you the password manager for iPhone,the best free password manager for your iOS system.It will manage your passwords in safe place.

What are the functions of the best free password manager?

1.It allows you to choose a master password which is the key point to all your passwords management.Strength meter tells you whether your passwords are weak, good or strong.

2.You can add items or accounts to the vault of the password manager,let it do the rest work.

3.It will generate a new password every time you open an account.

4.It can sync on cross-platform devices including desktop computers, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

5.You can even share passwords to joint accounts with family or coworkers. Of course, it’s not recommended you give away your passwords, but for shared accounts, a password manager can control who has access to your passwords.

With this password manager for iPhone,you will never have to worry about your passwords being attacked or stolen by others.It is the best free password manager,makes your life a lot more easier.

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