Ways To Your Wanted iPhodroid And The Open Source

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To know what the iPhodroid is, 10 functions you need to know the differences between iOS system and Android system such as split screen, quickly open the notifications center, doze power saving features , save traffic, Daydream VR, More specific settings page, Create multiple profiles, and Instant Apps,Seamless system upgrade. 

Brief introductions of the differences and you can choose what fuctions you make you want an iPhodroid.

Point 1. Doze power saving features 

Take an example of Android 7.0 Nougat and Apple iOS 10,Doze is another feature of Android system. It was first introduced in Android Marshmallow ( "cotton candy") system, the phone is idle, which save power effectively.  Smart phones one night only 3% of the electricity consumed if opening Doze function.Despite the relatively low power iOS system itself, but it does not have such a feature Doze like.

Point 2. Save traffic 

Function of data saver is used to save data traffic,which allows users to control the running applicationsin the background while users connect to the network. iOS 10 lack this feature.

Point 3.Daydream VR 

Daydream VR is a new virtual reality system function of Android 7.0 Nougat operating system,and based on Android Nougat create a virtual reality platform,which is designed to enhance the performance of virtual reality helmet inside.Support Daydream Android smartphone new virtual reality model.

The advantages and disadvantages of iPhodroid

Advantages Transfer files and no more transfer machine For Mac users,the advantage of this app is that it allows auto-magically transfer all the files to your iDevice, keeps the device on safe,in addition , you will no longer need a Linux machine or a Linux virtual machine.

Disadvantages Unusable for day-to-day activities Every functions that you expect your smartphone is usable with iPhodroid except all day active. A fully charged iPhondroid will last only an hour or so.

Bugs and performance issues Bugs and performance issues remain, too, whch means it won’t be fast.During forcing the iPhone off, there is a small chance that you may end up restoring your device. However, it is impossible for any bugs to brick or disable your iPhone permanently.
Media syncing can not work Loading your media onto your phone is kind of a pain.Fixing these issues is expected.

Ways to your wanted iPhodroid


1.iPhoDroid R13k for iPhone 3G or iPhone 2G;

2.Jail-broken iPhone with redsn0w ( not with Jail-breakMe or Spirit )

Step1. Start iPhoDroid and connect your iPhone

Step2. Click on Shoot. Thepretty much everything is automated you can just sit back and take a break

iPhoDroid will detect your iPhone and extract the touchscreen driver after a few seconds

Step4.  Few seconds later, the install process will begin

Step5.  Everything will be transferred and installed on your iPhone after a few minutes,then start iPhoDroid again, and click on ‘Exit Recovery Mode’ and combination of iOS and Android is done.

Tips 1.Back up your files and photos firstly,if you are conscious of losing, Iphone File Manager and Best Password Manager For Android  will helps you a lot.

Tips 2.`Alpha expired` or something similar, may appear on window 7, just set the date back one month, and re-start iPhoDroid.

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