What Is the Best Password Manager App?

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According to the press, the FBI managed to crack the iPhone 5c of the suspect with the help of a third party. However, this incident really made it look so bad for Apple because people are becoming more and more curious and panic about this secret solution. Interestingly, not long after this happened, a device which claims it can unlock iPhone just popped up online at the price of 170 dollars. After real experiment, people found that it can actually crack an old version of iPhone within six hours. 

This device is called IP Box and you can get it in an electronics store named Fone Fun. According to the advertisement, IP Box can crack any IOS systems from six seconds to seventeen hours.

In order to authenticate the rumor, some bought IP Box to make a test and the truth is it just took six hours to crack the password 3298. With the password in hand, they can easily access any information on the iPhone and even modify it.

According to Mark Strachan, the store owner, this device was first created to help those who accidentally forget their own password to the iPhone. And when he saw this device in Hong Kong the first time, he was skeptical then. But now, it just proves itself again and again. What’s more, the latest version of IP Box will be updated in the future for more systems.

Mark believed that IP Box has employed the same method of how the FBI crack iPhone 5c. And now, the FBI starts to cooperate with other law enforcement to explore ways to unlock iPhone, iPad or iPodTouch while Apple is busy finding measures to fix it.

So after seeing this fact that your iPhone can still be hacked even Apple itself doesn’t cooperate with the government, do you get afraid of the same will happen to you under necessary circumstances? Or are you now just being monitored by the government already? We don’t know that of course. But there’s one thing we do know about – to protect our information properly no matter what! And here, we will introduce this best password manager software for you – the software!

It’s a professional and powerful software that enables you to recover or remove any passwords of many documents. And wide compatibility allows it to work efficiently on any systems including Windows, Linux and so on. Due to its strong technical support and effective password attack methods, it can finish password recovery within the shortest time. Or you could manually accelerate the process by providing a faster CPU or multiprocessor. It offers two different versions for different requirements – the standard and professional. The former is the basic version and could satisfy the ordinary needs of most people. The latter is an upgrade version that should meet higher requirement of the professionals. The point is that you can choose according to your needs. In the end, I have to mention that it possesses user friendly interface and function like you will feel comfortable at the sight of it; there is automatic shutdown, save and resume function in case of any data loss; and it absolutely requires any computer techniques in using it!

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