What To Do If iTunes Cut Your Songs Off

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Do you really need to delete the song totally and then pay for another same one? There are several ways to recover the songs without deleting and uploading again.

The following are 2 main methods of recovering the cut off part,for more details refers to manage iPhone music.

Method 1. Move and create a new music library

Step1.Move iTunes library to a new machine and found that a huge number of ITMS purchased sons would cut off at odd points in the song (tips: for songs from the same album )

Step2.It requires you to create a new music library and simply import your previous library into it. This sounds complicated but it is, in fact, quite simple.

Step3. To do this, you should held down the shift key (either one should work) when starting iTunes and iTunes will give you a little dialog allowing you to create a "new Library" which is right next to my old one. Then, after iTunes opened onto this new and empty library, you can simply chose File|Library|Import Playlist and located my old library's base "iTunes Music Library.xml" file and imported that - bingo, it imported everything from my previous library.

Step4. After validating that this worked, and that my music was now playing properly, you can consolidate all your files into my new library folder.

Method 2. iPod music recovery

Step1.Open your iTunes Music Player and connect your iPod to the computer, and stop it from syncing if it starts automatically.

Step2.Click on Start → My Computer to Open an Explorer window.Click on Organize>Select Layout>Select Menu Bar to add this to the Explorer Window.

Step3.Click Tools → Folder Options.Select View.Select Show Hidden Files and Folder on the Explorer window.

Step4.Look for iPod in the 'My Computer' window and Double click the iPod in the 'My Computer' window and navigate to iPod_Control and then Music.

Step5.Select everything in the folder ( Edit → Select All ) and drag the selected files into iTunes.

Step6. iTunes will now import all of the music back to the computer; Sorting the files however you wish.For later versions and Windows Vista, you will have go to Import songs within iTunes, manually select all of the songs within all the folders (under "music" as described above) then proceed to step 10.

Step7.With the new versions of iTunes it may not let you drag and drop directly if this happens just copy and paste the Music folder to you desktop and add it from the iTunes menu.Click File/Add to Library and select the folder and you should be good to go.

Step8. New versions of iTunes won't let u drag and drop hidden folders so right click the music folder>Properties>hidden uncheck and when prompted select to apply changes to all folders AND SUB FOLDERS ... now you can drag and drop. - Blackoutking

Also to regain your file names and structure back, use the consolidate function built into iTunes:

Step9. File>Library>Organize Library.

Select Consolidate and press OK. This will reorganize and rename files accordingly . Your fresh new library's default folder is as follows: C:Users(Windows User Account)MusiciTunesiTunes MediaMusic -Blackoutking

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