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Now that we live in a era with high developed information technology as a member of cyber citizen, we should know a few protective measures to prevent online hacking or leakage from happening to us. For many of our online accounts, most of us would set up a password to safeguard them if necessary. We have to admit this is really a good habit! However, the problem is that those who apply password protection would only use the same password for different accounts, just taking advantage of the convenience to remember it. There is a great risk doing this without you knowing. Once one of your account is hacked, other accounts of yours could be in serious danger too! If the hackers have enough of your personal information like your account names or number, they could invade other accounts by the same password, which may make you suffer tremendous financial loss like when it comes to you bank account! So when we finally realize the danger of using the same password and we try to correct it by using different passwords for each account, what should we do with such a great amount of passwords? – Take advantage of nowadays advanced software like a password manager that could safely store and manage your passwords for you and a password cracker that can recover your forgotten passwords! To make you choice easier, we would introduce and compare several relevant software. 

1. LastPass
LastPass is exclusively free forWindows, Mac, Linux Standard while the Advanced version charges one dollar per month. It can manage your accounts and passwords on multiplatforms with simple operating interface. The free version is very practical to some extent and the advanced one is respectively cheap. What’s more, it will help you create random passwords. Compared with other software, its interface is rather rough and simplistic even without customized settings. Plus, the web based nature could easily cause security loopholes. It’s a normal and popular tool overall despite its defects.

2. 1Password
1Password would charge fifty dollars after thirty-day free trial for the whole package, ten dollars for iPhone and iPod Touch, fifteen dollars for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Generally speaking, its price could be respectively expensive. This tool could provide you a comfortable and customizable interface and the function of synchronization on different ends, which will also be charged. It would store everything in your personal account and allow you to use those data to complete the password list automatically. There are also other handy little functions like safe clipboard and create new password. In a word, this software sure does well on its job because it’s a very professional one that could offer more sophisticated functions than we need and confuses us. Therefore, if you are an ordinary user with normal needs, you can just get a simple tool to solve your problems. 

3. KeePass
KeePass is totally free. Despite the fact that it has so many built-in plugins, KeePass is actually a open-source app which allows you to realize complete customization! However, that could entail a lot of computer techniques and is not suitable for the majority. If you have relevant requirements, you can give it shot.

4. Clipperz
Clipperz is web based freeware that demands no downloading. 
And it is suitable for any computers with JavaScript Explorer and iPads with Safari. You should know it may not provide the compatibility to mobile devices like your cellphone. Most importantly, it’s a very simple and handy app to get ahold of.

5. The software
Compared with others, the software has a moderate price at nearly $30, depengding on different versions. I must mention that it will offer wide compatibility, high speed and user friendly user experience. After you try it, I’m sure it will become your favorite tool ever after. Considering its average price and powerful but practical functions, the software may be your first choice.

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