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Recently, Norton company released the Norton Internet Security Report for 2016 and revealed the current situation of cyber crimes. According to the report, the victims of cyber crimes lost 19.7 hours averagely. In addition, those who has been a victim of cyber crime will still continue the insecure conducts on the Internet and these conducts could still be a potential threat to the Internet users. What’s worse, 76% of users do get aware of the necessity to protect their private information online but they just don’t act accordingly. And over 35% of users at least own one device that is without any protection, which gives a great chance for the hackers to sabotage.

Over trust for devices will make user more vulnerable

Ever time users purchase Internet appliance, they may unconsciously provide a new way for hackers to attack. And the insecure behaviors on 

Internet will only make the situation worse.

Almost 20% of users don’t take any protective measures for their Internet appliances.

Over a half of participants believe they won’t became victims of hackers due to the super number of Internet appliance.

And 62% of global users think that when a device being designed, the according security problems will also be taken care of while a SYMC research proves otherwise.

The insecure habits online are hard to break

In the Internet era, everyone could be cyber attacked. However, Internet users still don’t pay enough attention for their personal information online.

A majority of users says that they would use the same password for different accounts. Only 6% users globally indicate that they would different passwords for different accounts.

Over 24% of users still share their passwords with others, which make the password exist in name only.

The millennial behave surprisingly carelessly for password protection and they are happy to share passwords with others. This maybe the reason why the millennial is always hacked.

The password of laptop, smart phone and email account are always being shared. 

Tips for more cyber security

Just like you lock your door after you leave home, you should lock your information online when you are not around. Here are a few tips for you.
Stop sharing your password! For password, you should choose a strong one – at least ten digits consisting of letter including capital and lowercase, numbers and special character, which could avoid brute-force attack; change your password regularly, like at a three-month basis; not use the same password for different accounts.

Be cautious when surfing Internet. Please do not click open links from strangers or untrustworthy websites rashly. 

Enhance protection for Internet appliances. Change the default code of router for a strong one and even turn off the Internet when you don’t use it.

Do not randomly connect public Wi-Fi. If the public Wi-Fi isn’t well-protected, your personal information could be easily revealed to the criminals. 

Install Internet security software to protect your information. Like anti-virus software to avoid malware; trustworthy password manager to store password safely; and professional password recovery tool in case for accidents. For recovery, we recommend the software to you. It is a compatible password recovery tool that can work on multi platforms from Windows to Linux and from iPhone to Android. Also, it runs with top speed in the process due to strong technical support and offers user friendly interface and supreme experience. So if you have any password recovery to do, just take it to the software!

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