How to Crack a Zip File Password Online like a Hacker

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Normally, a hacker would try hundreds, thousands, millions, even trillions of password to decrypt your account. But how do they try so many passwords and become successful accessing an account? There are four most common ways to do crack passwords for ZIP files, which.include the following:

Brute-Force Attack

A brute-force attack consists of an attacker trying many passwords or passphrases with the hope of eventually guessing correctly. The attacker systematically checks all possible passwords and passphrases until the correct one is found. Generally, this type of attack is impractical, though, --as anything over 10 characters would take millions of years to figure out!

Mask Attack
A mask attack means to use general rules to try a lot of combinations of specified characters, which means a hacker would specify a list of characters to try your password until he gets what he wants. For example, if I knew your password was just letters, I would tell my program to only try letter combinations as passwords.Then, the program would try every combination of letters until it cracked the right password. In the meanwhile, hackers will specify a ton of other settings, like minimum and maximum length, how many times to repeat a specific character in a row, and so on for the purpose of decreasing the amount of work the program would need to do and speeding up the cracking process.

Dictionary Attack
A dictionary attack is the most common-used method for a hacker to crack the passwords. On hearing the name,you may wonder if a dictionary attack is like using a dictionary to crack a password? Surprisingly,the answer is yes! Hackers will basically use very large text files like a dictionary that assembles millions of generic passwords, such as, 12345, abcde or admin, to decrypt the password. (If I just said your password, change it now!!!)Some may consider this method very difficult. The truth is that it’s not. The hackers usually will use many basic computers to run a certain algorithm to run the dictionary attach methodto crack the right password.

Using Zip File Password Cracker Online?

Despite the attack methods mentioned above, it may be an easier task to utilize a zip file password cracker application. The program includes a fourth way to crack and decrypt passwords through a smart attack. A smart attack is an advanced brute-force attack.Such amethod assumes that the password being recovered or cracked consists of letters only and the combination of letters is meaningful. It is based on the statistical tables built by means of analyzing of a large amount of text and it can greatly save your time because it doesn’t test meaningless combinations of letters. It also has compatible access for all kinds of WinZip files, favorable decrypting speed, auto-save functions, and easy-to-use characters including a user friendly interface.

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