How the ZIP Password Remover Saved my Children

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I don’t know how the rest of the world thinks, but I believe myself to be a very fortunate and happy single mom. I have two loving and caring kids: an highschoole-agedson and a junior high-aged daughter. After my husband died from incurable cancer twelve months ago, I have been faced with raising my two kids on my own . After the first few months, life has its challenges and proved to almost be more than Icould handle.: I was in a state ofmourning  and I couldn’t pull myself together.;Sometimes, I blamed the God for taking my husband ;at such an early age. At times, I couldn’t even take care of myself, let alone my poor little kids. So. I made the choice to send them to their grandparents and told them I needed some time alone .

For a whole month, I didn’t even give my kids a phone call. I just indulged myself in drinking and sleeping because that was the only thing that would free me from pain and suffering . When I finally woke up and thought of what I promised my husband beside his deathbed , I felt so guilty and ashamed of what I did. I promised my husband to take good care of our kids after he passed. 

Finally, I gathered all my courage and called them. Instead of having a grudge against me or giving up on me because of my long absence, to my surprise, they were excited to get receivemy phone call. At that moment, I felt even more self-condemned. 

After that incident, I finally picked up my life again. I found several jobs to support my family, working day and night. No matter how busy I am, I would prepare delicious meals for them; I would braid my daughter’s hair every day,; and I would kiss them good night every night. I was trying to offer all the love I had for them. 

Good times don’t last long, though. One day when I was doing the laundry, I found acondom in my son’s pocket!  He’s just a thirteen-year-old boy! How should I talk to him about this without hurting his feelings?! I be came hysterical and started to check his computer. I checked his one of his recently saved files and found an encrypted ZIP file with a hidden name! I don’t know how to access the file until a friend recommend ZIP Password Remover . I followed the three simple steps to decrypt the file within a few minutes. Once Iwas able to access the file, only thing I found is my son’s diary tracing back to the time I left them for myself. Suddenly, I realized that’s not right and I was just purely invading his privacy! I felt so bad and closed. the file.

Later that night, my son confessed to me that how he was given  a condom by a senior and he felt so curious that he decided to kept it and left it in his pocket. I was so relieved.

 I now feel so lucky that I didn’t lash out at that time and hurt his feeling as well as our close relationship. I should have more faith in my kids! I’m also grateful to the ZIP Password Remover applicaiton that allowed me to access the ZIP file because it ‘helped’ !lead me to the truth of what was going on in my son’s life.  

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