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The Best App To Store Passwords

The Best App To Store Passwords

The Best App To Store Passwords

Mr Lee has encountered some weird stuff recently – his laptop seemed to be spellbound and all of his files became inaccessible. And a dialog box was displayed with content explaining why his computer was like that and asking for ransom! The hijackers even put forward a ransom of at least three bitcoins for decrption.

All documents got encrypted after a declamination in English!

According to Mr Lee, his kid use his laptop to do English homeword and then left it open. After about one hour, a weird sound was made by the laptop, mostly in English reading. However, Mr Lee didn’t overthought it because his kid was doing English homeword before. When he checked for it afterwards, the desktop has been maliciously modified! Six days has passed already and the laptop desktop remains the same when it got attacked. The desktop is all in white and several English lines are in the center. Every file on the desktop including the Word, JPG and video files have been turned into other formats, which can’t be opened because there is no suitable software for them. At the end of those English, a few links was attached and only through them can he purchase the decryption software. However, Mr Lee didn’t click them open but express his concerns of leading to even more damages by doing that. And he told us he just can’t figure how his laptop got hacked and is cornered with no solution!

Over 600 dollars for a bitcoin – unaffordable and upsetting!

With so many questions, he turned for help of friend, a professional IT guy. After diagnosis, his friend confirmed his laptop was hacked by the Bitcoin Virus which can encrypt documents over hundreds types and ransom through dialog box.

This Bitcoin Virus was first spotted in 2014 and start massive dissemination in other countries. The reason why it is called Bitcoin Virus is because it will request over three bitcoins for ransom to decrypt. And since bitcoin can only be circulated in the digital world, it will be very hard to trace. The encryption mode of this virus is rather complicated, which could take dozens of years for a super computer to break down and even hundreds of thousands of years to brute-force attack. Lee’s friend even recommended acceptable negotiation with the hackers for solution and it might take Lee’s over two thousand dollars to recover his files! And he is so upset because most of the documents contains all the work files, years of life photos and other important information! Now, Lee’s has reported this case to the police, hoping they could find a solution.

The damage caused by the ransom virus could be inreversible!

According to the expert, the Bitcoin Virus has became more regularly seen recently. And its encryption structure has been sophisticatedly designed and might be inreversible unless through the decryption the developer provides. And sometimes this virus can just be inreversible. So if you want to pay the ransom and solve the problem, please be cautious because you may get double conned.

And for further solution, we would recommend the software to you. It is a professional, powerful and reliable tool that could decrypt many types of documents at top speed! Most importantly, it’s absolutely secure.

For precaution, we would recommend you keep regular copies of important files, install up-to-date anti-virus software and do not open untrustworthy rashly.


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