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What is Cyclonis Password Manager Browser Extension?

What is Cyclonis Password Manager Browser Extension?

What is Cyclonis Password Manager Browser Extension?

The Cyclonis Password Manager extension is a browser plugin that allows users to manage any and all of the accounts they access via their browsers with Cyclonis Password Manager. It is a web browser plugin that communicates with the Cyclonis Password Manager app and facilitates the management of the user’s accounts.

The Cyclonis Password Manager browser extension currently supports the following major browsers:

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

To make use of the Cyclonis Password Manager Browser Extension, users must have it installed on the browser they wish to manage with Cyclonis Password Manager. Once it is installed, the Cyclonis Password Manager logo would be clearly visible in the browser toolbar. This logo needs to be active for the user to be able to use the features of the browser extension. When the Cyclonis Password Manager desktop application is not running in the background and/or the user is not logged in with their master password, the Cyclonis Password Manager logo will be displayed as a grayed-out icon. If the user clicks on this grayed-out logo and the Cyclonis Password Manager desktop application is not running, the user will need to either launch it or download it.

CPM extension off.png

Once it is operational, if a user has stored website logins in their vault for the website that is currently loaded in the user’s browser, the relevant passwords will be displayed by Cyclonis Password Manager. Users can use Cyclonis Password Manager’s search function to locate and login to any websites whose login details are stored in their vault. Users can search using the website address, the particular username used for their account on any site, or other keywords. Results of searches can be sorted Alphabetically, by Frequency of Use, or even by Date Accessed.

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Saving an account for Cyclonis Password Manager to remember and log into is easy as well. Doing so requires that a user clicks Save on any of their visits to the site that requires their entry. After that, the user’s login information will be stored in their own private vault. If the user has opted to use a cloud-based storage provider for their own private vault, their data will be synced to your other available devices.

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