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Windows 8 Password Recovery Tool with USB

Windows 8 Password Recovery Tool with USB

Windows 8 Password Recovery Tool with USB


No matter for Windows7 or 8.1operating system,a quite common way to prevent unauthorized access is adding a password on your computer. However, if your complex password leads to your unable to access the computer for a while, then it's highly possible to forget the password or just typed the similar ones. At last, the only one thing can be sure is that you are locked out of the computer. Usually, the first solution comes up to your mind is to re-install the system with Windows reset disk or USB. However, this certainly works but it will completely delete all the files and settings on your system disk as well. This would be a disaster if you had important data on the drive. 

Everybody knows that Microsoft provides two login options including local account or Microsoft account. Therefore, it depends on what account type you're using when it comes to resetting Windows 8/8.1 password. There are 3 methods for your choice. Let’s see which the easiest one is.

Method 1: Reinstall Windows 8 (Not Recommend)

Method 2: How to Reset Forgotten Microsoft Account on Windows 8/8.1

Method 3: How to Reset Lost Windows 8/8.1 Local Password with Windows Password Recovery Tool


Method 1: Reinstall Windows 8 If there was No Important Data On C:\ 

If you have a Windows 8/8.1 installation disk and happen to have reinstallation is a considerable way. One thing you should know is that reinstallation will rewrite the system disk on the computer. After that, all the existing data will be deleted permanently including installed programs and files on the disk and all the app data will be removed too.

Another disadvantage of reinstalling is that it needs more time when comparing to Method 2. The average time is 1.5 hours for a reinstallation, let alone the drive updates. However, it's more a personal choice and this is a way that can help you regain the Windows 8 local password.

Method 2: Reset Forgot Windows 8/8.1 Password Online

Step 1 Just go to Microsoft Live:  https://account.live.com/password/reset. Procedure simply and directly

Step 2 Then choose "I forgot my password" option. Click next. Then type your Microsoft account name and characters.

Step 3 Select the verification options you want, mail or mobile, you will be received verification code to your mail or mobile. Enter code.

Step 4 Now enter new password, confirm new password. Click next.

Method 3: Use Windows Password Recovery Tool

It’s the easiest way to recover your password. It needs you to copy iSunshare Windows Recovery Tool on a disk or USB to install on your computer. If you already installed, that can be much better. What you need is just a click.

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