Are Password Managers Safe In Managing Your Passwords

Passwords are a pain of our life. We need them for everything – banks, Facebook, e-mail, and shopping sites, smartphones, voicemail, and software. Security experts are always reminding people to make sure passwords are long, complex and have special characters. Not only that, but make sure to use a different and equally complex one for each account you sign in. And don’t write it down ever. 

So for many of us who can’t remember their passwords without writing it down, the password manager was a life saver. One piece of technology that remembered all of our complex passwords. Simply log in with a master password and all of your other passwords are there. That is so convenient!

However, there are still many people question about password managers. “Are password managers safe?” is the frequent question they ask.

Password manager is more than safe for your iPhone or Android, there are many reasons why you should use it comparing to writing down on paper.

1. Your password manager won’t disappear from your eye.

Someone can copy or walk away with a sticky note or notebook without you noticing. Even if you think you hid your paper note in the safest place. But when you use the best password manager for iPhone or best password manager for android , even if someone walks away with your device, your passwords are encrypted.

2. You can’t easily record all your accounts and passwords on paper.

Are password managers safe? Compare to writing your passwords down, they are definitely safer. Writing down on a paper is not a reliable solution, it’s still difficult to manage all of your passwords on paper. While resetting your passwords is incredibly easy with a password manager! Many of them have built in random password generators to help you generate a strong, unique password for each of your online accounts.

3. Your passwords aren’t encrypted on paper.

We’ve also heard from some people who don’t write their entire password on paper. They use their own methods of encryption. It’s a smart attempt but it’s just not as strong as ciphering your data with AES-256 encryption and being the only key holder for your data.

4. It’s harder to misplace your computer, cellphone or tablet.

It’s easy to lose a piece of paper. But you don’t typically misplace your computer, phones and tablets. If your device is lost or stolen, they’ll usually be protected with a password, preventing anyone access your data. To protect your stored passwords, password manager automatically lock after inactivity.

5. Your notebook doesn’t update you with important security information.

Password manager will remind you when it comes to your online security. You get security breach alerts. A piece of paper will never do that.

Are password managers safe? I believe you already have a answer in your mind.

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