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The past two decades has witnessed the huge development of our society, especially that in the field of computer and Internet. We make contact with electronic devices like mobile phones and tablets every day. We surf the Internet, we go shopping online, we log into our banking accounts via apps, we adhere to social networks, we frequent to the forums, we… OK, since we do so many things that require passwords on the “risky” area – the Internet, have you ever worry about your passwords being cracked because your passwords is not highly secured? If that happens, you may lose everything. Have you thought that a powerful password manager app can save you out of that chaotic? 

We create accounts with passwords on apps and websites for some purposes, and for convenience, we allow the apps or websites to remember and store the account info including passwords. And for many of us, we do not use one single password for all accounts because once the password is cracked, other accounts will be taken over. So we have many different passwords. Even so, this may not be good enough to protect our info from being stolen because we did not create strong password. We are all aware of the professionalism of the hackers. So there must be a solution for highly secured password in case of device lost or hacking. 

To help you avoid falling into such tragedy as above mentioned, I’d be very glad to introduce you an ultimate password managing solution no matter what device you use for signing in. Password Manager, which is regarded as the best password keeper app by thousands of it users, cannot only help you generate strong passwords with AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes, but also enables you to save and manage the generated passwords within this all-in-one app. 

How to Generate Strong Password?

It’s easy to generate strong password by using Password Manager. You don’t have to be mad at choosing what digits, characters or symbols as password, or simply using birthdays that can be easily cracked. This password manager app just can do the difficult part for you. You just need to tell Password Manager the requirements such as the length. Now follow the below steps to generate strong and unique passwords.

1.Download and install Password Manager on the browser or device;

2.Sign up with your email and then you can create an account and set password (the one to unlock all your accounts);

3.Sign in to the extension or app that requires you to fill account and password. And Password manager will save, fill and generate password.

Sync Passwords to Windows, Mac, iPhone & iPad

If you have installed the Password Manager on your browser, you can sync your passwords to your computers, iPhone or iPad easily. 

1.Open the browser and navigate to where you want to visit;

2.Tap on the “Share” icon in the navigation bar and then “More” to enable the extension.

All in all, Password Manager is a great password manager app to secure password storage of any your accounts on any device. It’s the very solution worth a try!

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