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As science and technology advance, we are entering a new era where paperwork stuffs are being generally taken place by digital. People used to write and communicate in the way of using paper, nowadays we just make that digital. I bet most of you have password for a variety of accounts and other logins such as bank cards, credit cards, driving licensing and websites. Questions for you: Can you remember all these passwords? Are your passwords safe enough? If your answers are no, it is high time you needed the best password manager app

A powerful password manager app should enable you to generate strong password while making each password is unique. As you need so many passwords for your accounts, it’s easy for you to confuse them. But if you use only one password for all accounts just for convenience, you will put you in danger because once the password is cracked, all your accounts will be taken. It might work out for you to write all the accounts and passwords on a piece of paper. However, you would not always carry your paper with you and there is a chance of losing it, with all your passwords.

So have you thought that you could generate strong and unique passwords and save them in only an app such as Password Manager? Password manager is one of the best free password manager tool out there on the market. With this app, you can lock and unlock all your unique accounts and passwords with only one password – the password of this password manager software.

What Types of Account Can Password Manager Cover?

Password Manager employs AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes to ensure complete security in the cloud. It mainly copes with 3 types of account entry, including websites, form fills and secure notes. 

Websites: The exciting feature of this amazing app is that it enables you to find the website passwords easily by recognizing the logos of a variety of mainstream websites such as Facebook, Amazon and Bank of America.

Form fills: This password safe app offers you different templates which allows you to generate password while filling in desired personal info and privacy for the account. You can create and customize templates with information you want. 

Secure notes:Secure notes adopts the icon recognizing feature that Websites type offers. This makes searching accounts within Password Manager as easy as looking for the icon. 

Sync on Cross-platform Devices

You may log in and log out on your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android or other devices. And in order to save your trouble in this case, Password Manager makes it possible for you to sync across different platforms including desktop computers, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  Besides, with this password safe app, you can share passwords with family and friends on the Sharing Center. In addition, Password Manager also offers the Apple Watch support that enables you to check your passwords right on your wrist anytime and anywhere.

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