Bypass passcode and iTunes to reset iPhone

Even if the smart phone iPhone X has been born to the world, the iPhone8 and iPhone 8S is not different from the generation before. In the point of lock screen, both of iPhone8 and iPhone 8S need Apple users to set the passcode for the security.

However, when you get the new iPhone 8 or iPhone 8S, or you are a fan of iPhone informer, and you don`t need to worry about what to do if you forgot iPhone lock passcode, this article will tell you the how to bypass password on iPhone and how to reset iPhone without iTunes and passcode. In addition, it is also suitable for iPod and iPad screen lock password recovery.

Way1. How to Reset the iPhone Passcode without iTunes

If your iPhone is about to synchronize with iTunes, you can follow the steps below to reset iPhone passcode.

Step1. You need to synchronization by connecting iPhone to the MAC and then open the iTunes. Switch to another computer that is already in sync with the gadget. 

Step2. Click the sync button on the device with iTunes in the case of MAC doesn’t work with the iPhone. 

Step3. When finish the program of backup and the sync process, click on the Restore iPhone link.

Step4. iPhone users need to invoke “Restore from iTunes backup” when the iOS set up assistant shows up

Step5. Choose the device located in the iTunes and select the recently stored backup. You can easily bypass passcode and iTunes to reset iPhone. Actually you can also reset iPhone passcode with iTunes during the backup process, if you forget iTunes back up password, recover itunes password is helpful for you. 

Way2. Bypass iPhone passcode with Recovery Mode

Step1. Turn iPhone into recovery mode by the MAC that is used for synchronization 

Step2. Pressing and holding the power button to turn off your iPhone. If the slider can show out, just keep on holding lower edge of the power and home button.

Step3. Charge your iPhone. Then hold the home button down and insert it into the USB cable of MAC.

Step4. Keep pressing home until iTunes and USB cable images show out. When you access the iTunes and the message” iPhone is in recovery mode” will turn out.

Step5. ClicK ok from iTunes to activate the iPhone recovery mode. Then tap on the restore button for restoring the most recent settings.

You can use this method to bypass passcode in order to reset iPhone.

Way3. How to reset iPhone screen Passcode with iCloud

Step1. In order to avoid being asked iPhone passcode, you need to active FindMyphone option by using remove Wipe feature and erase previous settings of the device. Remember to connect your smartphone with Wi-Fi or Internent.

Step2. Open iCloud to find the most recent backup, then recover it then launch into iPhone. It is also the best way to bypass password on iphone by resetting iPhone passcode.

These 3 ways above are useful for you to Bypass passcode and iTunes to reset iPhone, if you want to know how to unlock iphone passcode, they are also suitable for you.

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