Cannot remember password for windows 7

Sometimes it is easy to get in trouble like this.” Recently I have changed my administrator password for Windows 7. However, I can’t remember my Windows 7 password. It says the password or username is wrong when I tried to logon to it. How can I do?”However, it is impropriate to reinstall the system for more or less you PC must store some important files.

What will you do when you can’t recall your Windows 7 password? Let alone accessing the classified files and folders on your computer, forgetting your Windows 7 login password can keep you out of your Windows 7 operating system. Even worse, if you forgot the administrator password you can’t install any useful programs on your computer although you can get into the computer with another local user account. At this moment, cracking password is in needed to shoot the problems caused by the forgotten Windows 7 password.

Option 1: Reset the Forgotten Windows 7 Password with Command Prompt

If you have shared this computer with another user who has administrative privilege, you can apply this option to crack the forgotten Windows 7 login password. But if you are the only user of your computer, keep reading and get the powerful Windows Password Recovery.

Step 1. Click Start button and move on to Run. Hit Enter to open Command Prompt.

Step 2. Type the command Net user, UserName, NewPassword in the command prompt and hit Enter.

Step 3. If you want to remove this forgotten password, just replace NewPassword with *.

Option 2. Use Windows Password Recovery Tool

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Genius Professional on an accessible computer.

Step 2: Create Windows password recovery disk.

There are two ways provided to create windows password recovery disk, USB device and CD/DVD.

1. Choose USB device or CD/DVD. You have to prepare bootable USB drive or CD/DVD ROM and insert it into available computer.

2. Select inserted USB drive or CD/DVD from drop-down list, and click Begin burning.

Remember to exit USB or CD/DVD ROM from available computer after password reset disk burning successfully.

Step 3: Set locked Windows computer to boot from USB device or CD/DVD.

After password reset disk burning, plug USB drive or CD/DVD into locked computer. And set locked computer boot from USB or CD/DVD drive.

Now, there are two methods for you to set computer boot from USB.

Method 1: Set computer Boot from USB device by Boot Option Menu.

Method 2: Set USB drive as first Boot device Priority in BIOS.

If you are a computer novice I suggest you choose method 1, because when you enter Boot Option Menu with method 1, you can quickly find out USB and choose USB it as boot drive.

Or if Windows password reset disk has been burned with CD/DVD ROM, now you have to set your computer boot from CD/DVD ROM.

1.     Set computer Boot from CD/DVD on Phoenix Award BIOS

2.     Set computer Boot from CD/DVD on AMI BIOS

Step 4: Start Windows password recovery.

After computer boots from USB device or CD/DVD, the following window pops up. Select the locked computer Windows system and user. Then click Reset Password to remove its password or reset it as “[email protected]”. Instantly the password would be blank or new password. And you can login Windows now without password or new one. However, if you need another administrator to login Windows computer, click Add User to create new administrator for computer. Type user name and password for user and click OK.

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