How excel inserts multiple rows

Last time we have talked about how to subtract in excel. When there are tons of Excel data waiting for you to sort them out or analysis, the basic step is to classify them according to different values and standard in an Excel worksheet. During you classifying, it is unavoidable for you to insert cells, rows or columns in the middle of the same worksheet. For the efficiency, it is impossible to insert cells, rows and columns by going through all troubles and start over from the beginning again. In this article, we will show you how excel inserts multiple rows, cell and columns with the latest and older versions of MS Excel.

How excel inserts Cells on spreadsheet

You have 2 choices to insert cells on Excel worksheet. As the first one, you can just choose a cell or a range of cell and right-click, then click “Insert”, you can insert cells on excel worksheet. Below are the details of the second choice.

Step 1. Select the location of the target cell or numbers of cells. For example if you need 10 new cells you should choose 10 cells on the worksheet.

Step 2. If you need to stop the selection, you can just click on any cell from the worksheet to stop the selection.

Step 3. Go to Home tab then click “Insert”.

Step 4. Click “Insert Cells” to continue.

Step 5. Last you need to choose the direction which you need to insert cells, then click on insert.

How excel inserts Rows on spreadsheet

For example, if you need to insert a row above row right, you need to choose the eighth row or a cell in the eighth row. Then follow the steps below to insert row on worksheet.

Step 1. Choose the row, then right-click on it and tap on “Insert”. Or you can just click Home tab, then click “Insert” from the Cells group category.

Step 2. Then click on “Insert Sheet Rows”.

This is also suitable for you if you need to insert more than one row then select the multiple rows above to the location you need to add rows

How excel insert columns on spreadsheet

In order to add columns to excel worksheet, you just need to choose the exact right side of the column in the target location. If you need to add a new column to the left of fifth column, you need to select the fifth column and use the following steps to add a new column.

Step 1. Click Insert, choose column then right click on it, you can also tap on Home tab, then choose “Insert” from the Cells group.

Step 2. Tap on “Insert Sheet Columns”, then arrange the adjacent columns` settings. 

Thus you can insert rows, cells or columns in excel when you need. As it is known to most of people, Excel can be protected by setting password. If you don`t know how to protect your Excel, how to password protect excel 2010 will work for you. If you don`t remember the password, you need to know how to unprotect excel

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