How to add and subtract in Excel

In people`s daily working time, it is unavoidable for them to deal with the complex database and analysis. Microsoft excel is a necessary tool for them to handle these data issues. The platforms it supports including Windows, Android, Mac OS X, and IOS.

For Microsoft Excel, the basic features including calculation, computational methods, charts, graphical representation of data list and many statistical analysis of documents. The advanced abilities of huge lists of numbers, be it addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division in a second are the shining function of Microsoft Excel. 

In this article we are going to tell you the methods to add and subtract the list of numbers. If you are an Excel beginner, you need to know about how to subtract and add in excel at least, if you grasp the basic way to deal with the huge quantities of numbers, it will save lots of your time.

How to add in Excel? 

Here are 3 ways for you to make it effectively.

Option1. Using “Alt + =”-the short key smartly.

1. Type all the numbers in your worksheet.

2. Choose the cell where you want to put the answer of your addition.

3. Type “Alt + =”, then the answer will show up in the cell instantly.

Option2. Using “SUM” function

1. Type all the numbers in your worksheet, down a column or across a row.

2.If you have put the numbers down a column serial wise and finish it, click on the cell where you want to put the output of your sum.

3. Input “=sum(“ on the cell you chose for your output. A following box would emerge below the “=sum(“ code as “=sum(number1,[number2]….).

4. Go to the first number of the list and click on it. A blue dotted box would appear surrounding the cell. Drag the cursor from that cell down to the cell (in case of column) where the last number of the list is present.

5. Press enter and the result of the addition would appear on the cell.

Option3. Manually using “Sum” tab

1. Type all the numbers in your worksheet, down a column or across a row.

2. Click on the cell where you want to find out the output of your addition.

3. When you finish arranging the numbers in all the cell or down a column or across a row. Go to the “Home”, and click on “Autosum’ or the symbol “∑”.

How to subtract in Excel? 

If you want to subtract, you should type the “-“/ subtraction symbol before inputting number itself. The demonstration is given below in the figure.

Note: There is no“subtract” function like “=sum(“ function in Excel. Both the subtraction and addition should be carried out using the “=sum(“ function.

How to make add and subtract at the same time?

Remember the numbers you want to add should be recorded without any sign (taken as +), and the number you want to subtract should be preceded by a “-“sign.

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