How to get in Dell BIOS

You can try this method when the Factory Restore procedure does not work automatically. It means greater possibility for users to restore the factory image using Microsoft’s ImageX utility manually when the factory-installed Dell Backup and Recovery Manager are missing or damaged. The following steps is based on the assuming that you have a copy of imagex.exe and you still have a Dell Recovery partition with a factory image on it. The factory image is located at c:\Dell\Image\factory.wim.

Before the beginning, here is one thing you need to pay attention: restoring the Factory Image will erase any user-installed programs and user data. Therefore, you need to make sure you backup any user data you want to save (documents, pictures, music, etc.) and the installation media to reinstall user programs right before this proceeding.

1.      Before starting, you need to prepare a copy of the imagex.exe file in a USB flash drive. First, insert the flash drive into a USB port and turn the computer on. Then follow enter Advanced Boot Options and you will see the System Recovery Options screen.

2.     This is the main System Recovery Options menu. We will use the “Command Prompt” option to perform the factory image restore. However, as the precondition to avoid accidentally overwriting the wrong partition, to make sure you know which drive letters the Recovery Environment has assigned to the Recovery partition, the OS partition and the flash drive is very important. The next few steps are to identify those drive letters. To check the drive letters, select the “System Image Recovery” option.

(Note: this option is for restoring images made with Microsoft Backup, so it won’t find the Dell factory image. However, this is the only menu option that lets us explore the drive letter assignments.)

3.      As anticipated, a Microsoft system image is not found. Click [Cancel] to close the alert window and continue.

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