How to multiply in excel

Launched by Microsoft, Microsoft excel is the most widely used platform in the world among various Microsoft Suites. It contains worksheets or spreadsheets with applications for various operations, such as data processing, graphical representation, pivot tables, pie charts, and arithmetic calculations. It features a macro programming language for Visual Basic for Applications.

This article provides mostly the emphasis on certain arithmetic operations that is Multiplication and Division. The most indispensible features of Excel is its spectacular calculation codes implemented by VBA for various kinds of Mathematical Computations.

Method 1: Multiplication using Two or More Cells

This method is somewhat a shortcut to the laborious process of multiplying numbers using Excel.

Step 1.Go to your “Start” icon in your Windows and type “Microsoft Excel” and hit “Enter”.

Step 2.Once the Excel opens up; choose any particular blank cell where you want to do your multiplication by clicking on it.

Step 3.Now type “=” equal sign to start a formula.(In Microsoft Excel all the formulas are initiated with the symbol of equal sign “=”.)

Step 4.After typing the equal sign “=”, enter the numbers that you want to multiply, just put asterisk sign “*” separating all the numbers. The asterisk sign is usually a representation of multiplication in digital computations.

Step 5.Hit “Enter” after you have finished entering the numbers for multiplication.

Step 6.On hitting “Enter”, the result would come out in the cell that you selected in the first place.

For the above mentioned example the answer would appear in the cell as: 100

Method 2: How to Multiply Large Numbers Using Cell References

Cell reference implements the representation of rows and columns while performing your operations. The advantage of using cell reference is that you can change the cell value without needing to change the formula altogether.

Step 1.Type the numbers you want to multiply in cells D1 and E1.

For example: 5 in D1 & 4 in E1

Step 2.Click on the cell F1 and select it.

Step 3.In F1 cell, type “=” sign to start a formula.

Step 4.Once you are done with this much, type the cell numbers D1, E1 followed by the equal sign and asterisk sign in between. You can also click on the D1, E1 cells to bring the values in the F1 cell.

For example: =D1*E1

Step 5.Press “Enter’ to get the result.

Step 6.In the F1 cell the result would appear up as 20.

Method 3: How to Divide Two Numbers in One Cell

The operation of division is quite similar to that of multiplication. The difference only lies in the operator being used.

Step 1.Click on any blank cell and enter “=” to start any formula.

Step 2.Once you are done with it, type any two numbers that you want to divide, separated by a forward slash “/” symbol.

For example: =54/2

Step 3.Once you have completed formulating in the exact pattern hit “Enter”.

Step 4.On hitting “Enter”, the answer of division would appear on the selected cell.

Step 5.For the above example the answer would come out as 27.

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