How to open rar files on Mac OSX

RAR files (Roshal Archive Compressed file) are one of the most common archive file formats, used extremely on the Internet for large volume data transmission and sharing. People use these compressed archive files to reduce the overall size and bundle together files and even folders into a single file. That single RAR file is then small enough to send via email or other sharing methods. Similar to other archive file types (such as ZIP files,) RAR files are data containers. After you download RAR files from the Internet, you must unpack its contents to use it.

Although your Mac natively accesses ZIP archive files, RAR files require third-party software to unlock its contents. There are some advantages to using RAR files instead of native ZIP.  Compared to the ZIP file format, RAR files feature strong AES-128 encryption and have higher compression ratios. For those reasons, many people and businesses prefer to send RAR files over other archive file formats.

MAC Osx is designed for Apple iMacs, Mac Books, and other Apple products. There’re a lot of software, games etc. available on Osx platform. We’ll be showing you the best way to open RAR files on MAC.

ISunshare is the best free solution for opening RAR files on Osx. It’s free to download and use RAR opener and extractor tool for MAC Osx. This is also best RAR extractor MAC Osx software.

Also, you can open rar on mac online by visiting this link. This service is amazing and free to use. This is very useful to open rar files on mac without downloading software.You can simply drag and drop files to ISunshare to the Dock to compress it. The process is little bit complex so below are the steps:

First of all download and install PDF Password Remover Software. And then, to open RAR on MAC files you need top drag the RAR file to the Dock or simply double click and then pop up menu will appear if the password is required. Otherwise, files will be extracted and you can then browse the rar files on mac

In addition, if you want to compress files on MAC just open the ISunshare, then select the compression technology like RAR, 7zip and drag-drop files to the Dock. Your files will be compressed within few moments.compress files on mac 

This software was the simplest way to open RAR files on MAC. ISunshare is the best free software for performing this action. However, there is also other RAR files opener but this one is free and best to use. We’ve shown you the process to open and compress RAR files on MAC using ISunshare.

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