How to restore iPhone from iTunes backup on Win or Mac

iTunes backup files are disparate read only database files which have no application to be opened on your computer. You will have no clue on what’s in that database file. This means that they are just database files useless if you don’t know how to extract the data on that backup file.

1.What Does iTunes Back Up – iTunes Backup File List

The iTunes backup takes place as the last step of every sync, this is good habit that you should do regularly in case your device was damaged or stolen. An iTunes  backup will back up everything on your iPhone.

2. Where Is iTunes Backup File Located?

No matter what reason you want to create a backup for your device, it’s every easy to back up your device, but most of people don’t know where the iTunes backup files located.

Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

PC: \Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\

3. What Does iTunes Backup Password Mean?

Every time when you sync your iTunes, iTunes provides an encryption feature for those who need to password-protect their personal information in backup file. When you try to restore from iTunes backup, you will be required to enter the correct password to continue. So if you forgot your iTunes back up password, there is nothing you can do unless another encryption key has been saved somewhere, or try some password reset software like iTunes Password Backup Software, which is a powerful software that could recover your backup password.

After learning about iTunes backup, you should know that how hard it is if you want to extract data from iTunes backup specifically for a damaged or broken device. Regardless of whether your original device is still operational or not, it’s impossible for everything to extract backup files to computer for previewing. Unless you use the professional iPhone backup extractor program, continue reading the following content.

4. How to extract iPhone from iTunes back up?

Because of Apple’s OS is closed system and the backup files is unreadable file format, so, there is no easy ways could extract files from backup but the iTunes back up extractor such as iTunes Password Backup Software. Here we will introduce the common route that the iTunes back files extractors does, in addition, you will be able to recover any file that you like to your computer particularly without wiping your original files.

Step1. Download & Launch iTunes back files extractors on a PC

Step2. Open the file and install it, launch the program by double clicking on the icon from the desktop. 

Step3. Choose “Select” from the bottom mid of the software and locate to the latest iTunes backup file that you have created. Select that file and click on open then hit “Next”.

If you forgot your iTunes back up password, our powerful  iTunes Password Backup Software will be your best choice to recover your forgotten iTunes back up password.

Step4. Select Which Types of Data You Want to Extract from iTunes Backup and click next.

Step5. Preview the Scanned Data and Extract the Selected Data to Your Computer

During the time of extracting, you need to be more patient. Then you will be surprised to see how many files and folders you have been missing that you can’t look from your phone. 

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