How to Get iphone 5 out of recovery mode

Recovery Mode is a state that used during standard upgrades and restores. It deletes everything, including the system, and then downloads directly from Apple. If your iPhone5 is in recovery mode, you can proceed to the iPhone5 restoration process. Please pay attention to complete data loss on your iPhone5 when you restore it, so it is necessary to do something for your data. Do not worry about that if you have taken a back up of your device using iTunes or iCloud, you will be able to restore from the backup.

As iPhone cannot operate normally when in recovery mode, it brings another common issues a user will perhaps encounter is iPhone5 being stuck in recovery mode. In this case, you need to restore your iPhone5 first. Before that, you need to sign in iTunes on your computer. If you forget the password, please follow the steps below.

Firstly, follow installation wizard to install the iTunes Password Genius on your PC, and then launch it. If you download the free trial one, you should notice that it only recovers encrypted iTunes backup password containing no more than 3 characters. Secondly, click Open button, and iTunes Password Genius would automatically browse iTunes backup file on computer and show it out. Thirdly, you can choose a password attack types and set it. There are 4 types for you:

Brute-Force Attack: Choose it when you do not know anything about iTunes backup password. This type of attack will try all possible characters combinations in specified Range. The password recovery engine is highly optimized, thus short password can be recovered immediately. Set the range and length.

Mask: Choose it when you have changed encrypted iTunes backup file password but still remember part of it. Set the range, length and Mask.

Dictionary Attack:Recover backup password by browsing and comparing passwords in built-in dictionary or another dictionary you choose. This method may be the fastest way if your password is a keyword. Set the dictionary path or default.

Smart Attack: This attack is automatic and smart. It will try all possible characters combinations include all printable characters.

Finally, click Start button, and iTunes Password Genius will retrieve iTunes backup file password with password attack type you choose. Therefore, appropriate type and settings would save backup password recovery time. Until following window pops up, iTunes backup password has been recovered. Then you can use it to unlock iPhone5 backup.

You can use iTunes to recover an iPhone. Follow these simple steps to do so.

Step 1: Make sure that iTunes is updated on your PC or Mac. Connect the USB to computer but not your iPhone just yet. Then, hold the sleep/wake button until the red bar appears and turn off your iPhone: swipe to shut down the iPhone.

Step 2: keep holding the home button and connect the USB cable to the iPhone. After the Apple Logo appeared, change to the recovery graphic immediately.

Step 3: Release the home button and your iPhone should be in recovery mode. At this moment, you will receive a message from iTunes to confirm this. You can then click on “Restore” to restore a previously saved iTunes backup file.

After these steps, your iPhone data restore is finished.

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