How Do I Restore Contacts From iCloud

According to the research from BBC, the main reasons for data deletion are virus infection, formatting and accidental deletion. As none can make sure this kind of accident never happen again, sometimes, important files like client contacts can be deleted by accident. Therefore, how to recover deleted files is necessary to be learned by entrants in offices. After deletion the easiest way to get your contacts from any storage device is application of format command. This kind of unintended thing can happen when user is toying with the settings of the drive or unrequired drive is selected and format command is applied. To fix this problem, you need the help of ISunshare Data Genius.

It can help you easily recover deleted contacts from the emptied Recycle Bin, digital cameras, memory cards, CF cards, SD cards, USB flash drives and external hard drives, etc. The program is available for various data loss situations, for example recover photos lost due to software crash, hard drive formatting, virus attack, partition loss and other unknown reasons in Windows. It is clean without any annoying virus, spyware and adware. In addition´╝îits 100% safety and high recovery rate will meet your need. Its fast speed, easy control and lower price make it better than using other ways.

Steps on How to Recover Lost Data with Ease

With the steps introduced below, lost data could be recovered or restored with ease and high efficiency.

Step 1: Get access to the “Free Download”. Download and install it on the computer.

Step 2: Select one from four data recovery patterns. And then click “Next” to continue.

Delete Recovery: Recover all deleted files including photos, videos, audio and so on from partition/drive or other removable storage devices.

Format Recovery: Recover files from formatted partition/drive, USB drive, Zip drive and all camera flash memory card including SD card, Multi-media card, etc.

Partition Recovery: Rebuild damaged partition table, backup, and restore partition table as well as recover all lost data in partition/drive.

Raw Recovery: Allow you to recover files from seriously damaged file system. If you fail to recover with Deleted Recovery and Format Recovery, you can try this option.

Step 3: Choose the right partition/drive where the lost file is located and run “Scan” button to preview.

Step 4: The preview list appears. Select the file you are ready to recover and click “Recover” button.

When a new dialog pops up, choose the storage location for data which is ready to recovered. And then get data recovery success message instantly.


1. Make sure Data Genius download and installation successfully before data recovery.

2. Select recovery pattern properly by carefully consulting the explanation provided. Each pattern serves certain purposes, so you should make distinctions before recovery selection.

3. Choose the file you want to recover correctly.

4. Remember to preview before you run “Recover” button.

5. Pay attention to the recovery dialogue. Check whether you have got the result you want.

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