Top Password Manager

As we are now living in a information era, we can get access to a bunch of different websites in our daily life. Now we are discussing work through emails, buy stuff on different shopping platforms and even operating our finance on E-banks! However, all of this operation would demand a username and password for an account. So when we all choose to use the same username and password for all sites just for convenience in memory, we could actually be endangering our account safety. But remembering dozens of different usernames and passwords is not a very easy job either.

So what to do if we find ourselves in such a dilemma. Well, there are programs known as password manager which can help us out of such catch. The safest password manager is an app to store passwords in an encrypted way and manage or extract them through the one master password. A top password manager like ours can also generate strong passwords for important accounts or recover lost and forgotten passwords when necessary.

You can use Password Manager to store:
-Computer login passwords
-Website passwords
-Email account passwords
-Door access passwords
-App passwords
-Credit card passwords

Password Manager Features:
-Store and protect account passwords of many kinds
-Generate or create strong passwords
-Compatible to cross-platform devices including PC and smart phone
-Sync and manage password on different devices seamlessly
-Login with only one master password – easy to remember but secure enough to shield traditional attacks
-Support and recover lost or forgotten passwords and data
-Strong technical support with highly encrypted and secure vault-like database
-Less memory consuming space
-Easy operation interface
-Multiple language support
-Free open-source system

Password Manager provides several advantages
1.It has strong technical support and provide strong encryption algorithms like anti-brute-force, dictionary and mask attacks.
2.Recover different passwords from various systems
3.Compatible character to cross-platform devices including PC and smart phone like Windows, Ios and Android.

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