What is John the Ripper?

Since security is the main concern nowadays, we need to use passwords for everything we use such as computers, smartphones, online accounts, etc. Most importantly we keep our computer locked so that no one else can invade into it. In this age computer is everything, and we do keep our personal and private photos, videos, important files, internet banking credentials, and almost everything that we never want to let others know about. That is the reason there is need of keeping our computers locked with a secure password.

But, we as human do forget things and same with the passwords. We forget our own password many times, and we get into a problem as we are blocked using our very own computer. Certain ways and tools can help you well to recover your Windows password and gets you in. John The Ripper is one such tool that you can have in a bootable CD, and when you forgot the password of your computer, just insert the CD in the drive, and boot your computer with it, and you will be able to reset your computer’s password.

John The Ripper is indeed a great tool. It uses a wordlist full of passwords and then guess and try to unlock a given password hash using each of the password from the wordlist. In other words its password guess. It will take much times even take days if the password is too complex. At times this may not work for you for some reasons, then its alternatives can save you. This is the reason; I come up with this article in which I am going to list 4 best alternatives to John The Ripper.

There are top-selected four best Alternatives to John the ripper here for your reference.

Alternative 1: Kon-Boot

Kon-Boot is a freeware software program that is used to recover Windows passwords as well as Linux passwords. You have to get the Kon-Boot from here and burn it to a CD to make a bootable CD. When you forget your Windows password, insert this CD, and boot your computer with it.

It will hook the computer’s BIOS and will modify the Windows kernel to allow the user to bypass Windows authentication procedure. These change made to the Windows Kernel by Kon-Boot are temporary and that are just to let you get into the computer so that you can reset the password. You can consider Kon-Boot as the best alternative to John The Ripper, in fact, better than this.

1) Kon-Boot is not a freeware now.

2) I could not get it to work from a USB drive.

3) Not supported on newer or 64-bit Windows operating systems.

Alternative 2: Cain & Abel

Cabin & Able is kind of more advanced tool than the tools listed on this page. Unlike other password recovery tools, it needs access to Windows under an administrator account. Though it is an advanced tool, it is a complicated one too and not user-friendly. But, this works effectively when it comes to password cracking. It employs many types of attacks to crack the password.

Alternative 3: iSunshare Windows Password Genius

If the aforementioned two methods couldn’t help you, thus you’d better turn to the third party password recovery tool for help. By searching the internet, Windows Password Recovery can be considered as the best tool to reset Windows 8.1 admin password on HP, the standard user account password as well. Just perform several clicks and wait several secs.

To keep your password and accounts, you need to install iSunshare password manager. iSunshare Windows Password Genius, as an all-in-one Windows password recovery tool, helps user recover forgotten Windows administrator/user password and domain administrator/user password for all Windows operating system. If you are looking for password manager for your Windows OS devices, ISunshare is worth your choice. It fits various Windows OS including Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 and Windows server 2000/2003/2008/2011/2012/2016 and is especially available for Windows 10/8 Microsoft account password reset. 

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